Monday, May 08, 2006

Four Seasons...

I arrived in Holland at winter many said that I came at the worst time of the year...and even my hubby had told me. But I had no much choice but to fly or else my 3-months approved visa will expire. Well, I came just with my knowledge about winter through the powerful encyclopedia and the "Knowledge Power" of the late Ernie Baron.
I took plane right from Davao via Singapore to Amsterdam. It took 16 hours before I arrived at Schipol Airport in the capital city of Netherlands.

I should arrived at 6:45am but the plane landed 32 minutes earlier, that is SQ 324 carrier.

That's the flight schedule monitor at the Schipol airport :-), my partner took while he was waiting for me. Click for larger view.

So, there I was completely surprised. It was really damned cold. At 6:13am was really dark seemed to be at the middle of the night which is far from I expect. Of course we are used to have a complete sunshine bath at 6:00am in the Philippines. At that time I thought, I am starting to enter another planet...
Yeah, I am now in a temperate weather zone comprising the four seasons: winter, spring summer and fall. New huh! I came from a tropical zone, which we have the dry and wet season. Help me check this:
It was like 5-6 degrees cold. I am quite clueless huh! Ja, no matter how smart you are. I really realized that theory is really far from actual senses. I mean you will never know how deep the water is unless you were drowned :-( Well, exaggeration I think, but low temperature remains an idea as freezing point..that is the theory but shivering with your nerves and teeth grouching each other will definitely describe how cold it is.
It is a real make over. Through the winter I am inside of my thermal wear...not to mention how many socks I'm on. I was wearing my ski jacket with other jacket inside...and shirts till I can feel my skin. Our home was on fire :-) the heating system is on the highest level...I think I was giving my husband an ultimate summer vacation at home. It was too warm for him but still I was cold.
Yeah, I felt heavy with all my bugging get-ups...I felt stressed and sometimes...I can't hold it and my shoulders almost retired and my legs ached 'coz of heavy boots. Ummmh, I think it was a good way to loose weight... :-(
Really, it is entirely different. I am just freshed from our famous "la nina " (wet season) and "el nino" (dry season) phenomenon.
I also remembered my first weeks here and while I started my language school. I started right away to school in the earliest weeks of winter. Seemed to be brave I should say. My school is about 23 kms away from home. It is from other city.( I will tell something about it next time.)

Our view from home during freezing time in February 2006.

I went to school in my heaviest best. At that time, I encountered the fluctuation of weather here. Unpredictable. Wet. Cold. Wind. Snow. Rain. No greens. Dark. That was all during winter! Grrrh!
Can you imagine how displaced my nerves now? Hahaha! Just kidding! However, I would like to say that I like snow :-) that is somewhat a "consuelo". Maybe because I am imagining of something...uhmmm...of white ice cream...lekker! (delicious!):-)

I am already relieved now. Well, it is and greens of course. Everything comes back to life again. Then it will be summer, autumn and winter again. Interesting huh! Sound to be challenging. I hope I will not be as changeable as the weather. Climatic? Not. Nice to see changes...of something or anything. It can be gradual and sudden...but if I would choose, it's nice if it is dramatic...seemed to be unpredictable but seasonal! Got yuh? :-)

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