Monday, May 22, 2006

Me and "The Da Vinci Code"

The Da Vinci Code has generally been trashed by critics that ignited me to watch it. I had a nice 2 hours and 30 minutes running time for the movie.

Last Saturday in Den Haag, (the capital city of the Netherland's government parliament) I was with my hubby for a shopping spree :-). Actually just to shop for a dress I'm going to wear for an upcoming friend's wedding...and we just also dropped by in a Filipino shop for some pinoy goodies.
It was a windy day with wind speed of about 43km/hour... but the sunshine was kind enough to show up late in the, we were delighted to watch the film that we crushed to finish our snacks in McDonalds to catch the 4.30pm full show.

It is adapted from Dan Brown’s best-selling novel that says Jesus Christ married the biblical character Mary Magdalene and started a sacred bloodline that still exists in secret.
The movie has stirred up intense debate among religious scholars and has been branded blasphemous by some Catholics around the world.

In the Philippines Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said he would lead a crusade to ban the film because it is “sacrilegious against God.”
Yes. Controversy. That made up the movie a top grosser of the year. The idea that " The Da Vinci Code", the Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in the Philippines was finally given the movie an R-18 rating, which means that this will be release for showing and not banned anymore with strictly tagged for adults only.

I treated the movie as really entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. The plot of puzzles and mind boggling clues completed the mystery thriller. The intangling of secrets were written in Da Vinci's paintings that is to translate the embodying codes to lead the 2000 year old secret covered up by the religious catholic council. As qouted in the movie: "The biggest cover-up in human history." The movie is nicely directed, and a well-written novel that creates total imagination of fiction. Right, the movie is entirely fictitious as what the film producers claimed. There is no reason to be is a matter of self's faith foundation.

The movie has nice cinematography featuring wonderful, scenic photography of France, England, Scotland, and portrayals of the holy land. Actually the illustration of the historical significance of those locations especially in France had delighted and fascinated me most. Why? It is because I was exactly at the place where the main locations were shot and taken.
Take note of the following scenes:

1. During the first scene of the movie, a murder inside the Louvre Museum where the story started. We were in that exact place strolling around where also the dead body of Jacques Sauniere(played by Jeane-Piere Maurielle) as the murdered keeper of the secret.
2. The painting of Mona Lisa. I was there.

Take a look with this picture that my hubby took secretly :-) I'm on the right side. I intended not to show my whole shot here for little secrecy :-)

3. The glass pyramid in Louvre, the great work of Ieoh Ming Pei. In the movie, it was presummebly ended that the tomb where the body of Mary Magdalene lies is believed to be at the base of the pyramid. It is nice to think huh! It is because we had a picture to show that we where there right at its core :-)

Look at the right pic...with my hubby :-)

Down left is the Louvre museum.

It is nice to remember that we have our keepsake fotos where this bluckbuster and controversial movie was shot. And to think that the novel had created its stories in this historical spot of Paris.

This is the glass pyramid at night. (at the right pic).
This is actually the view of the inverted pyramid above the ground that is connected to the based where we are sitting.

On the left is still the interior view of the pyramid.

If only that the novel is true, then I will be glad the idea that Mary Magdalene lies under that pyramid. It is only because of the idea that I have the chance to walk above her. Since it is a history, then I will be part of the history as living witness of her grandiose piece of mystery.

Yeah, now, my review for the film is that: let people decide individually whether they go to see it or not, and let their spiritual advisers guide them if their faith is shaken by the film. Banning the movie would only stir up more interest. What you have believed today, will bring you to the idea of how strong you're faith is...and how much you know your God. If you are secured...then, this movie is a good challenge for you if not, then still, this is a good start to choose what you really believe in.


Chas Ravndal said...

Got here thru ate DP's blog. Honestly, the Catholic church is just making a fuss out of nothing. They should looked up the term "fiction" in the dictionary.

Idblur said...

The dumb thing about it is that people go to the movies, and then they start to actually believe it.

People are really gullible.

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