Friday, May 05, 2006

My APO shirt

This is my grabbed APO (Alpha Phi Omega) shirt from a certain brother of my fraternity & sorority organization. Honestly, Bro. Cuabo as I call him...voluntarily and heartily gave this shirt to me before I leave for Netherlands. I still have two more APO shirts here gave from my brothers.
I was actually wearing the shirt when the photo was taken but I decided to cut and just show the logo to suffice my intention. The intention is just to show how nice it is..every detail of its print.
Well, maybe some can not relate and understand what is in it...this reminds me of how active I am before within my Alpha Phi Omega circle. Click this:

On the right is the APO coat-of-arm symbol.

The ideals are embodied in this symbol for the three guiding principles. Check more of this: .
The organization believes the three principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service.

I joined the organization on 1996, a year while anti-hazing law was a national issue and a controversial year during the SPCPD ( Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development) in Mindanao. Check this also: Our batch name was named after it and that is one of my memorable time in college days...Now, it is my 10th or tin anniversary of my lifetime membership. I have so many things to remember from goodness to wickedness :-) (just kidding!)

Yeah, since I have been a member...I had travelled from different places aside from work-related assignments. I had great escapades :-) and I had joined activities with noble causes in the local community and schools. I am not posting this to encourage college students to join my organization. However, I would say that I am glad and proud to be a part of the strong hold of APO principles.

My collegiate chapter, Epsilon-Upsilon, is always a home for me before.
There are so many things to remember actually, and this is just one of those and my Apo shirt that always reminds me on what is in it.

For now, I am patiently tracking the national and international APO offices to find alumni communities around and across the globe. I am thinking, if I can find one here...but so far, there is none. What I have only in the list, are Apo fellows in Austria, Germany, and Italy and at press time, an initiative is started to put up an Apo-Europe alumni association. Definitely, I am looking forward to it...not only to find more homes but just to continue what I and we had upholding the three principles.

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