Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sea breeze...Sea water...

I am definitely missing it!
The warm sea water especially in Davao.

Divine's pictures in Babu Santa, Samal, The Garden City, 30 minutes boat ride from Davao City.

I started to think and recalled my times when I was along the seashores in the island of Samal. A friend of mine sent her pictures during her holiday escapade last May 1, labor day in Philippines.

I am jealous and missed it...coz if I am not here...surely I am with her splashing and plunging in the water (shallow water, coz I am not a skilled swimmer :-() Yeah, quite bad. When you imagined how I grew up in an archipelago but I can not swim. My home country has 7, 107 islands, surrounded by water of course. I had so many swimming lessons before, but then I ended up drowned. I do not know, maybe I am not also blessed with scales and gills and I just leave out my fantasy in "Marina", a mermaid Filipino soap-opera starred by Claudine Baretto. However, my zeal and love for beaches is still on the-go and same with other water enthusiasts, I went home with sun burns and an ironed-masked face :-)

Check this for more Samal beaches: http://samalcity.gov.ph/

I remembered my Samal vacation in Pearl Farm last April 2005 with my honey . That was a wonderful sunny day...but my man was sicked at that time :-( so well, just enjoy the breeze and the food of course. A nice "harana" (seranade) was rendered too that completed the evening.
That time the resort was booked of Korean honeymooners. Foreign couples and mixed one like us. Ahh! What a paradise it seemed and I was just observing them :-) I am quite "mosang" or in a nice manner "öbservant".We had few pictures and this is one of them.

A view from the Parola bar of Pearl Farm beach resort.

Now, as I look my friend's pics, days had flashbacked to me...I am already counting the months to spend vacation there again. We are not yet sure but who knows:-)

More of Pearl farm here:http://www.travelsmart.net/ph/resorts/Davao/Pearl_Farm/

The blue crystal sparkling water...hahaha! can you imagine what's that? Well, thats how I imagined. The place was exhilirating...ahhh! I really missed my place. I have been so many beaches in Davao. I still do not mention the western pacific water ( Celebes Sea) fronting Davao Oriental. I worked in this province before...and the place has so much to offer. Visit this: http://www.davaooriental.gov.ph/
For now, I still don't have a chance to dip myself in The Netherlands sea. I am not planning to freeze myself to death :-) Well, I have views of the sea already...I will give you a shot next time.

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