Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tulips: "Perfect Lover" ( in the Keukenhof )

Yesterday, we went to Keukenhof in Lisse part of Zuid-Holland (South Holland). Prachtig! (wonderful !) I think that this is the capital town of tulips here in Netherlands. Flowers are there and everywhere in different colors, sizes and shapes.Check this

The tulip has come to be a loved symbol of the Netherlands. Many tourists visit the country just to see the bright coloured flower and the astonishing view over the bulb fields. The season begins in March with crocuses, followed by the daffodil and the yellow narcissi. In April the hyacinths and tulips blosssom to some time in mid May, depending on the weather. Later, in August it is time for the gladioli. Even when spring is over, the Netherlands is still a garden, visitors can enjoy flowers in the Netherlands all year round. Links here:

Many have put meanings about flowers and tulip is not an exempted for it. Tulips in general mean perfect lover, fame, and of course the flower emblem of Holland. Red tulip means believe me or a declaration of love; variegated tulip presents beautiful eyes and yellow tulip means "there's sunshine in your smile". Wow! meaningful ! Aren't they? hahaha!
This orchid variety was inside in the greenhouse for their orchid exhibit.
Now, I started to ask the meaning of our "waling-waling" (Philippine orchid). So I check the google power and here it is: orchid in general means love; beauty; refinement; beautiful lady; and flower of magnificence. Actually, the orchid right in the picture was the same type of my wedding bouquet. So, then I am amused by my partner with his tulips gifts to put up our vases in our living room. He is a perfect lover I think...thanks for the tulips and its meaning. Well, it is the thought that counts actually, that makes it really sweet and even sweeter.

Flowers are truly sweet and plus "pogi" points for the sender or suitor. I love flowers...and here, it is like bed of "tulips". I remembered before when I was in a flower shop in one of the biggest mall in Davao City, I really like to buy cut flowers like tulips but helaas, it was very expensive so better not and just enjoy looking at them. Can you imagine, tulips in the Philippines are much-like the most travelled flower? It is imported and being shipped or flew by plane just to arrived to specific local dealers to three big islands of the country. I think they still have like a jet-lag but no choice to get ready for public display and social arrangements.

And so when I was in Keukenhof, it is like walking in a busy garden of Eden with my Adam who was already tired of taking pictures for me. He,he,he. Yeah, there are so many people and in fact, the park attracts from 600,000 to 700,000 visitors a year, peaking at more than 900,000. I thought it is only during Konninginnedag that people are rushing outside but really, also in the park. I think any corners with greens and flowers, there are people around. Inside the 32-hectare park, are restaurants, coffie and souvenir shops where the best buys for post cards and tulip bulbs. But, I didn't buy anything...'coz I feel like it is my last day :-) I would still like to visit there again actually.

Between the ancient trees, beside the pond, colourful flowerbeds are everywhere. Fronting the pond is a nice place to take a break for a cup of coffee with a sandwich lunch. We are still there late afternoon so we had also our early dinner setted there. It was nice and breathtaking with the sunset rays outside while having a sweet pink wine.

These also included a great many 'World Figures' such as the US Presidents Eisenhower and Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. Keukenhof also had the honour of providing the décor for the first public appearance of Princess Máxima, who at the time was still the fiancée of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. Keukenhof has become one of the best-known attractions in the country and one of the most photographed sights in the world.
See this:

For now, the poster of tulip garden that I keep for almost a year now, and was actually a birthday postal gift of my parents-in-law was not just a poster for me. It is really a place that I can recall that once I was already been there.
Script trivia: It was in Keukenhof where the first date of my in-laws 42 years ago:-).

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