Wednesday, June 21, 2006

At The Noordwijk Beach

It's summer! And beach time though we went to Noordwijk boulevard during the last few weeks of the spring. Nudist too can be found on the following beach sections in Noordwijk.

It's strange but it does exists. There are special designated areas for nude beach lovers :-) A nice spot for sight seeing :-) I thought but that's not what I went for...and nobody will dare at that time '├žoz it was still extremely cold. Well, nudist and naturism enthusiasts are allowed here in accordance with the Netherlands nudist law.

Well, we just went there for air-breathtaking :-) Noordwijk, is town of flowers and beachfronts, that gives a warm welcome. Situated not far from big known cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Leiden, combines accessibility with a peaceful location, perfectly suitable for a host of leisure activities. A seaside resort of international fame which has a 13 km long sandy beach. There are many hotels in modern and gothic styles situated directly at the beach and the boulevard of Noordwijk. Here are some shots of luxurious hotels along the boulevard:

First foto is The Palace Hotel (
Next is Hotel van Oranje and then is The Hotel Mercure & 4th is Alexander Hotel(

Ja, it's a long winding beach :-) We were not actually planned to go there. Our destination was supposed to be in Lisse, to visit again the tulip fields but we did'nt succeeded since the flowers were already harvested and turned out to the beach since Noordwijk is just minutes drive away. Noordwijk is often described as the flower seaside resort of Europe. Surrounded by woods, wild dunes and in the heart of the Dutch bulb-growing area just nearby Keukenhof.

We were still glad and fascinated with the place so as decided to have our dinner set there...

This is our sole picture that time. was still ggrrrhhh...

Many fine restaurants coupled with a tasteful ambience that will surely guarantee a pleasant stay for visitors like us. We sitted on a nice cafe there located at the nearest beachfront. At that time we were there was not as busy as today.

These are now the present scenes as people worshipping the sunrays. Fotos from Hollandrijnland.

To read more about Noordwijk, click here.

The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) is the European Space Agency's (ESA) main technology development and test centre for spacecraft and space technology is also situated here in Noordwijk, South Holland, in the western Netherlands. Read here.

Every season always pay different impressions, styles and attitudes. It is even evident especially this time of the year...people mostly spend much time outside. And this is the peak time where everyone is free and liberatedly hyper!

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