Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beyond weather...

It has been like a long long winter time here in Netherlands...Ja, it is supposed to be a bright shining spring and a welcoming summer but unfortunately, the winter is somewhat overdue. I had many things happened within this season and apparently, this "winter-spring fluctuating phenomena," (this is just my own term...:-) that I am trying to understand.

This is a nice view outside for few minutes...

As usual, I should have to attend my Nederlands class (language lesson) no matter what the weather would be. I did some shopping, watched out movie in the cinema, walked around the centrum in Delft and what more...tried to have fun seems as no difference despite of the strong wind. But then, as less expected, a week ago, the wind was really at its best that blown like a fierce enemy with an average speed of 48km/hr NW (northwest) with a combined force of rain. Take note, our front door is facing the same direction, that I can hardly open our door that made me stock at home the whole day.

The view for next minutes...

Wat jammer! ( What a pity!) That was my first encounter of a strong wind grouching like a madman. Yeah, it is because even when I was still in the Philippines, I live in the southeastern part of the country that is seldom attacked by typhoons nor strong winds. Well, we are blessed with those mountain ranges that protects Mindanao, "the land of promise". So calmed...airy but with a soft gentle breeze...not like here :-(

Then the following time...then back to normal again...(changeable huh!)

To continue with the story, I was not able to get out from the house for the reason that the wind was knocking at our door, I was frightened and scared. Scared that I might be blown by the wind to think that we are living at the 13th floor of the building. Well, I survived on that day. But I felt pity for our plant, an american jasmine in the pot, placed outside right at the corner of the door. It was blowned and rolled by the wind that made the plant separated from the pot. Actually, I realized it what the plant went through amidst of the roaring situation but I just don't have the courage to get out and help the pot out from its deep turmoil. By then, we lost our duplicate key of the flat. Why? It is because we placed it inside the pot, wrapped it with a plastic cellophane. We intend to hide an extra key outside in case of emergency like having illness of forgetfulness. Surely, it was blowned away. I was'nt a "superwoman" to catch wherever the key falls down.

The american jasmine on the left while on its recovery :-).
Now, the plant still survived and completely recovered. It stands here almost 3 years now, and probably it's not its first time of turbulent encounter.
Assorted plants in the flower boxes in our terrace.
Our plants also in the terrace still in compost awaiting for the next challenge. That was a day, maybe more more windy days ahead, at least I already started to understand the weather here and be "integrated" somehow. And maybe next time, there will be no more lost keys :-)
Well, last week was my father in-laws birthday. We had catched the sunshine's blessings that made the family party more vibrant in the garden. Then, the following day was my friend's wedding held in Utrecht ( smallest province in Netherlands and also , Utrecht the capital city, the fourth largest of the country).
Our foto as part of the secondary sponsors during the cord ceremony :-).
I got the chance to get acquainted with the Filipino church community. We had wonderful time...and of course, I had the oppurtunity to speak my local dialect, Visayan , while enjoying the mouth-watering filipino food served after the ceremony.
The few weeks with bad weather as I would say were just past but remained with good memories :-)and experience. As I look up the next weather forecast for this week is quite good and something to look forward. However, nothing is permanent and life is full of changes that the weather here is not an exemption from being changeable like a woman's compulsive-fickled mind. For the next forecast, it will range at 16-25 degrees (c). On Tuesday will be like 17 degrees celcious, a nice day to wear something light which I am really hoping for.
More flowers in the terrace... Hortensia belongs to the family of Hydragenia. It has various colors and this one was blue that turns to white when get matured.

Actually, it is because I am planned to go to Friesland (northern province of Netherlands) along with my hubby. He will have a work meeting there and I decided to be his secretary :-) not really. (the truth is we will part ways when we got there, he will do his job and I'll keep my own business...sight seeing :-)) Yeah, I will post some pictures after when we will get back :-)

Tomorrow, is actually a national holiday here in celebration for the Pentecost ( for Dutch Pinksteren ) which actually started today. This means, I have no class tomorrow and no work :-)plus reasonable weather equals rest and fun :-)
On the left side is Fuchsia.
Well, life is really fair sometimes :-) can be frightening, scary, exuberant, tiring, fun, challenging and what else........? You can add, I think you have so many things to suggest and tell. Life is beyond weather :-)...

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Today (and in the coming weeks) is great weather. Finally summer, so enjoy!