Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Glimpse of "June 12" in Holland

We went to Haarlem last Saturday, June 10. It was my first attendance in a big crowd of filipinos here in Netherlands commemorating the Philippine Independence Day , officially June 12, held in Spaarnwoude rekreatiepark . Activities were scheduled and there were dedicated grounds for market booth/stalls selling various pinoy goodies. It was a festive atmosphere with a picnic bazaar style. Tents were individually installed by different filipino associations here. Some are group themselves as of their provincial origins, church groups and other socio-civic organizations.

It was fun and nice to meet with "kababayans" (fellow countymen). An entertainment programme was organized with lots of dancing and singing numbers in it. Approximately, a 2,000 people were gathered and a percentage of foreigners of course. Drinks was overflowing and foods were too much for my digestive system to work out.

First photo is me & hubby & second photo is together with Filipino friends.

It was a very hot hot day that...ehem! I can't help myself turning my head in different directions with full of observations. Thoughts were splashing in my mind as I look around to every corners of the camping ground. I might be critical-conservative person but it's only grasping my playful sights . If it's warm then you expect less fabrics and more flesh :-)

This is when I observed different sense of styles...looks, fashion, hygiene and many more. Folks around seems to be "naninilaw" or with a "hepatitis" look. More skins surfacing and out-of-the-blue parts were freely shown. No inhibitions. There were really people that brave enough to show all their secret hidden parts even not pleasant but disgusting. I simply appreciate their courage. I will not elaborate more 'coz I think you can imagine. It's not an isolated scene but you can see it anywhere. Maybe I am still adhering the idea of "if you have it then flaunt it" (in its truest sense). Others believe the same though it's quite too much. But what is too much?

Well, I am still a fashion victim sometimes but then I still know my limits. It's not just all fashion trends but something that you are comfortable of yourself and pleasing to others as well.

I think there is something to do how the weather affects people. Getting wild it is because sunrays is just once in a lifetime of the year. But then, I think it is not an excuse not to spend a moment to choose which one that suits for you. Well, people behave differently. Apparently, I have no right for that, but then I tried to consider it. Maybe its only once to show off all the "lingeries" hide from the closet...take it on while the heat lasts. So, just be with it, I think that is enough reason to understand them :-( It's a day of independence anyway...the day justified the behavior :-)

Alright! The celebration was not just about that. It's more than that :-) It was only a fragment of what was around of the day.
We had a good time there and an unwinding trip about 60 kms far from home. I was glad too that I met new friends. That was cool :-)

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