Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Ik heb een fiets gekocht !" ( I have bought a bicycle ! )

For the first time in my life, I have now my own bicycle. It is little bit weird that at this late of my twenties, I will be having a new mission to accomplish....? Of course...that is to bike.

And not just that, it is because I have to learn again. Thinking that my last day I had bike was almost 15 years ago during my earliest teens. After that, I never had the chance to sit on the bike's front gear.
To make a recap, I had bad experience that until now I have living marks due to my bike mishap(!). I remembered that I was biking through a hard rough terrain along down the TADECO banana plantation. I got lose control without any break gear that I was ended lying in a deep dry-canal. I went homed and said to myself...that I would never bike and will listen to my folks...I remembered my oldies told me that I should'nt bike, anyway '├žoz it's a boy thing and I am going to be a grown-up lady :-( ( ( I actually stole the bike from my cousin and that was what I got).
My impression of Holland has always been a thousand of canals, pretty villages, tulips and now bicycles. Every time we have driven in Holland, I have envied the cyclists who were riding on the dedicated bike lanes off the roads. It seemed the ideal way to see the countryside and villages.

Riding bike beside windmills and to the historic houses and shops of the museum village. A stop with the shop and parks and even people going to work by biking. Old people maybe late 60's are still eager in the saddle. Wow! even moms with a baby in front and more baby at the back seat. Small kids with their fietsje (small bike). Guys and gals holding grocery bags with matching fon calls while's really a social epedimec! I gonna try and face the heck :-)

Now, I am going for a great summer adventure...quite ready for skin and knee bruises( yesterday I had my first bike test...guess? I had already my first scratch in my left leg). I am actually scared, it is because of the danger I might get through while cycling along bike lanes here alongside with cars. Biking here in Netherlands is a necessity and already part of the lifestyle. It certainly makes having a good bicycle doubly important here.
I have my own way of life, but it's not an excuse that I will not be assimilated by the society's trend. Bicycling is a Dutch way of life. Well, If you'll just imagine how flat the lowlands will probably wish to have one. No wonder why bicycling here is not just a fad but an ultimate business success of the bcycle industry. But you will never wish to have a bike in the Philippines, imagining the rough roads, undisciplined road motorist that may hit you, and the striking 12 o'clock sun.

Right side image is just a similar model of my bike.

Then my hubby had bought a bike too :-) just yesterday. So, we can bike together and so what a nice date for a change :-) He has three bikes few years ago and were stolen. We have both gazelle bikes. His is avignon and mine is a maxinnette (especially for women below 5'3 in height). As knowledge of the Dutch bicycle culture, Gazelle is traditionally the 'top' brand; conservative in design but absolutely reliable in cycling comfort and durability.
(maybe I will post our pics here when we will have a chance to post for ourselves with our bikes :-).

Well, I am now ready to ride and maybe later on a regular basis until I can do twenty miles without cardiac arrest :-) It is a good exercise though, reflexes the muscles and enhances good blood circulation. Take the right gear as my partner said... Now it is summer, nice weather but I am already horrified when bad weather attacks. For sure, I'll keep my bike on the basement be sure it will not be "bike nap" as bike theft is a social crime here. Whenever, just be sure I have to pack good rain gear to avoid disgracement not to end up soaked and wet.

Now, I'm quite ready. So, would you like to have a joyride with me? :-)

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