Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wedding cards...

Now, I am already receiving messages that our wedding announcement cards were had a good plight to the recepient's hands. Yeah, I was busy last month for sending and writing our cards to my family in the Philippines informing them of our marriage here in Delft.

Our front side of the card :-)

And so as my husband did the same to his family and friends. We had actually received greeting cards and confirmation messages from his family earlier than mine (considering that they are just around here in Netherlands).

On the left down is the full view of both sides.

On the right is the backside view of the card.

Thanks to Poobies ! This is the official site were we ordered our 100 wedding cards. We were actually happy we found this site. We made up our choices and designed our cards via internet.

It was easy and the service was really good and efficient. Through this, we had escaped the tremendous paper works and hassles arranging it in some outside shops.
Now, it was done and we were glad to know that the cards arrived even to the remote province of Davao Oriental. I think the Philippine postal service had done a good effort for us :-)
We had also the choice of text inside the card which you can also personalized.

We had also our persoonlijk postzegels ( personalized poststamp) from complete our cards.

On the left is our post stamp picture with my own hand drawing as background.

Nice huh! Actually that shot was taken sometime last year in Davao. Well, it is nice to keep all these things in a nice treasury box :-)...and I do.

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