Friday, July 21, 2006

Heatwave strikes!

"In the Netherlands, the Nijmegen 4-Day March was canceled after two participants died in the heat. Some 300 people taking part in the popular walk became ill Tuesday, July 18, in temperatures that reached 35 degrees and 30 were hospitalized."- (Read

This was a sad story for this week in this hottest time of the year. This is my first encounter of a prolonged excessively hot weather here. This is really an extreme weather experience. I'm complaining for a cooled winter-spring season and here I am complaining again. It's a hot and dry spell month that only water and ice can help. I'm wishing for rain :-0 ! Waah! I think I'm now best integrated at complaining things :-0)

As we can remember the summer of 2003 was one of the hottest ever in Europe; this led to a health crisis in certain countries as well as considerable impact on crops. As many as 50,000 people died from the 2003 European heat wave in France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Italy. European Heat Wave of 2003.

Severe heat waves can lead to deaths from hyperthermia, especially among elderly people. Heat waves are the most lethal type of weather phenomenon, overall. One public health measure taken during heat waves is the setting-up of air-conditioned public cooling centers. If accompanied by drought which dries out vegetation, heat waves can lead to wildfires. A heat wave is defined as at least three consecutive days with temperatures of 30 °C (86 °F) or more in a place which is beyond normal temperature. However, in countries such as Australia where 30 °C is considered mild on a summer day. In the Philippines is always normal at 27C-36C but with an abundant rainfall and average humidity of 82% , the moisture content of the atmosphere give a balance climate.

During this time, a frequent cold bath maybe three x a day or more would be the safest breaking tip and drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. If going outdoors, wear lightweight dresses...ooops! Right, that's a valid reason even not to wear anything! :-) hehehe! and use body deodorant to be more environmentally-friendly :-).

Well, there are many ways to cool down body temperature. A deep in the sea, or in man-made beaches, or in the bath tubs, swimming pools or in lakes. I'm not quite sure if there are lakes here...pretty sure of canals :-). Water tube pools are also sell in the shops at discounted prices.

I never had a thought about weather in the Philippines. I'm not affected unlike here that sometimes my decision is lobbyied by it. On what to wear, on what to eat or drink, if I'm gonna walk, take a bike or bus. And even to decide if it's a hot or cold bath. Uhhhmmm... simple things but I'm quite a decision-maker huh!

Today, I managed to bike for about 14 kms. It's in the middle of 28C-29C. I never think of the sun but I think about the sun lotion and a lip balm...a little bit related but I'm not damned worried. Well, this is the only excess blessing that I can't share of instead I help lessening it since I can't prevent it. I am not alarmed but I'm sad for those who suffered much of this sweltering heat. I can still manage without gasping out of breath and decently keeping my tongue in :-) As the heat strikes...I am ready to cool it down :-)..just locked-up myself in a cold shower bath and start undress :-)

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Ka Uro said...

minsan nagco-complain tayo sa pilipinas dahil mainit. pero buti nga sa atin di naman nagkaka-heatwave at umaabot ng 40 ang temperatura. hindi rin nag-nenegative. your post makes us appreciate what we have back home. kaka-miss din di ba ang climate sa atin?