Thursday, August 03, 2006

The day before my Birthday!!!!!!!

I'm turning 28 years old. It's my first time to celebrate my day here in Holland. Celebrate? Well, yeah... My partner decided to have a 2-day off starting last Monday to spend time together. However, we are not as game buddies as this week starts. I was already sick since Sunday and hubby is not feeling well too as his nose is like running in a marathon of colds.

In short, we were not feeling well during our most awaited mini-party (good for two persons only). However, last Monday was a promising and irrisistible bright day that we managed to go out and enjoy the centrum around Delft. What we did? We took a boat cruising the canals of Delft. Hehehe! We already walked and wandering around the city, so why not try a "grand" cruise in the city waters :-) We passed and introduced to the old water canals and bridges of Delft and also to their old achitectural houses. Delft's pictures and tourism.

Many things learned...but actually I forgot now :-( While we were inside of the boat, this captured my attention...

A cute dog...see? The boat has two dogs on board actually. I hope it's not their birthday :-)

Below were our taken photos from the boat as we were taking the Oude canal of Delft approaching closely to the
Oude Kerk(Old Church) which is about 800 years old.

Then here we are...

Left foto: We were inside of the boat.
Foto below: We had our dinner in Kobus Kuch (in Dutch text) restaurant. We decided to sit outside and had finished one game of Rummikub and I won.

We went to the centrum by bike. So, I had a little hard time to fold my skirt up that made me late to beat the green light at the Binnenwatersloot intersection.

After our dinner, we watched movie to Must See theater. We watched The Lake House, a time-travel romantic fairytale. A come-back movie together of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves since 1994 in Speed , an adrenaline-pumping movie.
I'm not look sick huh!

At the theater restaurant. I didn't have time to comb my hair. Hehehe! The photographer was in a hurry.

Now, we will see how our energy will come back to life on my birthday. I'll post and tell you later...I'll just have a break to hang my laundry and run for groceries :-). Now, It's 19.5C. I'm back to coat wardrobe, actually a raincoat '├žoz its raining outside by now...tsuk! tsuk! Heavy huh!

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