Saturday, August 05, 2006

My B-day!

Tsuk! Tsuk! I was not yet feeling well on my birthday. Thank God! I'm now 28 years old last first day of August. I'm not very well updated in posting of entry here. I'm quite lazy and tired when it comes to writing my thoughts especially when I'm not feeling well.

Well, forget of the body aches...I'll tell you what was my day. I had a long time lying in bed and waiting for miracle to lighten up my headache. Alas! A miracle! Hubby handed me his birthday presents with all the hugs and kisses of course that nobody can pay off :-) I received two-big Van Dale dictionaries with CDs from him. One is Nederlands-Engels(English) and the other is Engels-Nederlands....

It's a wonderful and helpful surprise...Hehehe! It seems that the Dutch language will always be my mate. me more headache I think :-) sorry honey!

Well, there is still one bonus...he gave me a Dutch musical CD that I can listen to :-) while I'm studying my Dutch lessons. Hehehe! It's my favorite then, from the BLOF band, a popular Dutch music band here.

I was just preparing for a brunch that I had a surprise knock in our door. Surprise! It was my parents in law. Yeah, it was really a wonderful time for me. My dear did'nt tell me about the visit.

A bright sunflowers greeted me and lots of stuff favorites. We had a nice moment of talks while enjoying cups of coffee with a yummy fruit taart they brought. Trivia: They ordered the taart from the same pastry shop where they ordered our wedding cake. Plus: A gift of Dutch verkeerborden.

What is this? A board of traffic signs here in Holland that I need to learn. Hehehe! You think that my Dutch lesson ends?

Now, seemed my pains where dissappeared. That was my morning, my earliest hours of being 28. My feelings of comfort living with my new family here is really wonderful. The day was worth satisfying and even blessed.
During the day, I was a little bit reminiscing my past birthdays. I always have a day with my family and other day treat with friends. It's always a simple feast with singing of birthday songs. I actually remembered when the last time I was serenaded during my day at early 4am. When I was a kid, I always like to be serenaded. I already forget what year was that, as I get older I already beg my family not to wake me up or else it will bring me a bitched morning. It's not only that, but everytime they are seranading, they are waking up the whole village because of the dogs' barks. I am already happy with a simple treat for myself, spend time with love ones which is more quite with pace of tranquility. I missed that.

With a sudden thought, me and hubby rushed to bike to the centrum after dinner just to spend the left few hours of my birthday. Without a single thought of what to do but just to go there and enjoy the rest of the night. As we biked through...we were stopped by rain and 30 min of waiting under a found shelter.

Then we continued to the centrum, biked around De Markt Square and found a cosy restaurant at the back of the old stadhuis (CityHall). We were gazing the cloudy-grey sky that amazingly turned to bright red sunset. Ummmh! It was nice and even vibrating as we ended with glass of Irish coffees...then my headaches started again but still managed to bike back home.

I'm actually had a busy week. A week-long celebration I think. Hehehe! The next day I went to a family member in Maartensdijk. I had a great time with sister in-law where we spent dinner too. I had a Dutch small talks too with their kids. It was an exercise for me to understand them with help of body gestures. Thanks that there was no need for acrobatic stunts :-)
Trivia: I received cooking utensils as their bday presents plus a Dutch cooking book. Now, I'm completely indulged with the Dutched life circle and food taste. Well, soon I'm becoming a full-pledged chef. Hehehe!

Then the following day, a sweet 9-yr old girl, a neece of my husband spent a night with us. Another day to test my Dutch fluency. Hehehe! She baked a cookie for us and that was special.

De koekjes in de doos. ( The cookies in the box.)

Then the following saturday night,we had a night out with few friends here. A bowling game was a body-warming treat for all of us. I think I'm going to post more about of this sooner...

Well, that was a day that turned out a week of energy bursting. I'm not exhausted by now...but I'm tired. Huh! Just need to re-charged I think for the next challenging week. Birthdays is everyday.

"Always live the day as if it will be your last." - Og Mandino.

So, I must keep going :-)

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