Monday, August 21, 2006

Subject: How Engineers Describe Women

I was tired for the past few days. I also encountered web problems here in my web blog. I need to trouble shoot the errors :-( ...Sorry, I can't do it in just a split of second. I need days to research and enter the cyberworld. I was knocking some gadgetsites to help me...but no avail. I have to experiment it in my own. Helaas, I was still in nowhere of my blog template and my old shoutbox was gone.
Now, I have a new pop-up message box on top-right side of the page...To all my friends just bear with it and hope it won't disappear again.

I was and till now searching for a nice shoutbox untill I ended up to this message on my mailbox. What's this? Read it ....
Subject: How Engineers Describe Women.

Woman- As Explained by Engineers. That is the topic of the forwarded email. This is just a funny thing but focus my attention. This is supposed to be in my bulk folder but luckily escaped from the spam filter. So, just read it anyway, on the engineers's eyeview. It interests me actually ├žoz I'm an engineer's wife :-) Let's see.

Woman=Problem....Uhmmm.... I disagree. But for the sake of this email I continued to read. What a formula but I think time x money is right :-)On the next text is still a woman's property results. Let's read it...Ummmh, I think this is really a hazardous warning for men. Engineers are more analytic, now they found the reasons why women are a reacting agent.

Women and men are obviously different, and their behavior toward relationships is no exception.They possess the chemical and hormonal disposition and have the emotional drive for identifying subtle gestures that sometimes men not. Men possess candid intellect for relationships and usually overlook subtle gestures.

Below is a graph of chances who will win in an argument according to stages of relationships. Ummmh...during marriage period, man has the lowest chance, or shall I say, no more chance. Uhmmm again :-) now, I remember the rules of Happy Marriage hang in our toilet :-) that says, "If one of you has to win an argument, it must be your mate." No gender cited. Just one at a time I think :-) or both end as losers and winners.

I still have more experiment results here but I can't post it. I have problem uploading them here.

Engineers have compared women to a compact stereo. have only two switch buttons, the on-off power. According to their analysis :-) women have more buttons aside from the primary on-off. There's the volume point with minimum and maximum power mode, the equalizer with multi speaker system, with Am/Fm band, hydraulic capacity, low-high tone band tuner in kilo and megahertz set stations. Well, I think women are just too sensitive in every stimuli attracted to her sensors. A unique reactant that may not stand only to stereotype reactions but stand above every man's expectation. Maybe hypothetical, but really unpredictable that makes a woman simply attractive to negative/opposite poles like men.

Women are quite complicated but naturally affectionate. That's why they have many press buttons for every sensitive situations.Women are intimate about details.( and engineers too :-) They have intricacy in words, clothes and body language. Men should be conscious of how women express themselves. Women speak a different language than men. You should be well expert to operate her mechanism :-)

Another experimental study that a man and woman had given the same task, to buy a pair of pants in a certain shop. The result was, male took 6 minutes with humble cost of $33 while female took 3 hrs and 36 minutes to accomplish the mission spending $876. Hehehe! I don't know if I can relate...but sometimes it took me an hour in just one small shop ( 25x36 sq. m floor area) :-)

With the above mentioned cases, well, it's just a funny text, one can relate but this varies to one another or may not true at all. To all engineers's wives, don't be frightened or trigger your husbands. Stay calmed and think of your own piece of formula. This is not a real survey but then at least whoever composing this, it takes him time to think how special his woman is. mother in law is an engineer's wife too. Let see if she can relate :-) ...To my hubby, have you ever known this formula before 'jumping' of marrying me? Hehehe!

Well, of course there's no accurate science and mathematics that can help understand the origins of human feelings especially human relationships or should we just leave it to the poets? :-)

Well, for sure, I need an engineer to troubleshoot my probs.... :-)


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