Saturday, September 02, 2006

De scholen zijn weer begonnen! (Schools start again !)

 alt= Classes start again! I got my new class schedule and it really drives me 'busy'. I have four-day lessons per week and this means that I only have one-day free left. Well, I'm not yet tensed çoz I'm already finding a solution for it. And that is, not to attend my Monday lesson. I will speak to my teacher about it and I hope he will not protest against it:-)

So, after the summer vacation, I ám now looking forward for the herfstvakantie :-) That means, the autumn vacation. I'm amazed here actually. There's a lot of vacations...every season contributes free days for people here in Holland. While it reminds me about holidays in the Philippines. Filipinos only enjoy their awaited vacation only during Christmas time and Lent season which receive more days of rest. But only to suffer traffic jam as people like to spend time in city centers or the worse is being stucked in the bus stations and air or sea ports due to transport delays. Other than that, are the national one-day holiday proclaimed by the government during commemorations of birthdate or death of different national heroes. For students, only the all-time summer vacation which falls March-June plays the longest.

Holidays are equally important in the Netherlands as among the basics. In modern employment practice, vacation days are usually coupled with sick time, official holidays, and sometimes personal days with due compensation. Most countries around the world have laws mandating a certain number of days of time off per year to be given to a worker aside. Americans have the shortest vacation in the developed world (check this). While I think in most of Europe the limit is significantly higher. This is not only given for workers but also to schoolers. Students here have ample time of vacations as I compared while I was a student back in the Philippines. Filipino teachers as well don't have the pleasure during their breaks since they are busy with their lesson plans and other educational mandated instructions. Well, different huh!

That's why there are lots of vacation packages all around Europe. Travel agencies have competitive advertising strategies and many are in affordable holiday rates. The leisurely two-week, cross-country vacation seems like a quaint...custom today in Europe starting of the 50's and 60's. The long weekend getaway is increasingly common here as by air, by ship, by car or by the endless camping and caravan of the Dutch ways. Well, that's all of vacations...I should have to write here my comeback to school in which this post should be all about.

 alt= This reminds me the idea of "don't speak English please...speak Dutch..."

Ummmh....well, this is also my idea as I'm coming back to school. I'm thinking about holidays again...Actually, it will be on the end of October for the Herfstvakantie. Let's check how I will spend it then. But for now, I am focusing my Dutch lessons. Hehehe! I think I'm progressing, this is the best thing :-)

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