Monday, October 16, 2006

September Sunshine

I am too busy to say how busy I am :-)Hehehe ! In other means, I'm too lazy to blog...but then, once in a while, I tried to remember my last escapades translating them into words. I would still like to lock up my memories here and retrieve them as way back of musing my own path.

Left photo was on our way in Zeeland at the north sea coast.

Actually, I would like to remember the time, the last day of September. It was a very beautiful Saturday. The last full appearance of the sun, I think.

As we know, that weather in Holland is comparable with women's brattinela'ness'. The day was special. We went to the province of Zeeland.

Right photo is the Oosterscheldekering.

(Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier), between the islands Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland, is the largest of 13 ambitious Delta works series of dams, designed to protect a large part of the Netherlands from flooding. The construction of the Delta Works was a response to the North Sea Flood of 1953.

The Oosterscheldekering was the biggest, most difficult to build and the most expensive part of the Delta works. Sometimes referred to as the eighth Wonder of the World, and has been declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Photo is courtesy from Wikipedia. The Oosterscheldekering.

We had crossed this dam and viewed the Neeltje Jans, a piece of artificial island, which is also now a tourist spot to look forward in the province.

We visited Ian's tante(Aunt) in Middelburg . She is on her 70's and cared of by in a bijaardenhuis (home for the elderly). She is nice, an ensemble of loving person. She still have the energy to walk around and showed us the place and its surrounding. She is now forgetful, but I was pleased to meet her. Our meeting was not as easy though, coz of language barrier. Nevertheless, the feeling was special. She is well-cared by a private nursing house. Once in a while, family members visit her.

Middelburg is also my mother in-law's birthplace, her grown--up place I should say. Zeelandic or Zeeuws is a regional language spoken in the province of Zeeland. Commonly considered a Dutch dialect but I still don't hear it and it's more use by the older people but not very common with young generation. Many said that there's difference with pronounciation, grammar and vocabulary from the proper Dutch...Ummmh...Maybe I already heard it...but I was just 'NR' (no reaction) coz I'm still struggling with my Dutch.

(According to my research in Wikipedia) Middelburg is at a key location on the western edge of Europe's industrial complex. On the Walcheren peninsula in the south of the Netherlands it is ideally located for the business and living of Europe. The city has water on three sides with the Veerse Meer lake close to the city centre. The local landscape is attractive, with extensive fields, characteristic hedging, elegant woodland areas, navigable waters, and many cycle and footpaths.

We were pleased to stop by along the sea coast where many people took the last summer spree. It was less expected that there's summer after september. As usual, the scene is completely piled by caravans and water-sport enthusiasts. Water skiing and wind surfing received the greatest performance.

The beach and the dunes are among the most beautiful and peaceful place to visit. Colorful kites were tagged by the wind that give picture of a splendid summer (after the time of wet August).

We went too to Vlissingen or Flushing to visit Ian's cousin since it is just 15 minutes drive from Middelburg. We had a nice time with them and shared dinner in a restaurant in the boulevard. We leisurely watched the ships passing just close by in our window while enjoying our food.
Vlissingen is part of SW Netherlands, on the southern coast of the former island of Walcheren. Its manufactures include shipbuilding, chemicals, and gears. Dairying, cattle, sugar beets, vegetables, grain, and fishing are also important.

Our photo while walking along the boulevard of Vlissingen.

We had a walk while the sun was just preparing to play hide and seek with us. The wind was just gentle letting us to ramp graciously along the passage.

The coast is really special here because the ships pass at the closest point from the shore. Nowhere in the world ships pass this closely to the shore. Big cargo and luxury freights navigate from the harbor of Rotterdam to the port of Antwerp in Belgium.

Hotels and restaurants stand with famous names upon surviving the tests of winds but breathtaking view to the sea.

The city has developed into a successful resort as well. Chartered in 1247, Vlissingen was one of the first Dutch towns to rebel (1572) against Spain. Because it dominates the approach (via the Western Scheldt) to Antwerp, Vlissingen has been the scene of several battles. During World War II the Allies captured (1944) the city from the Germans after bitter fighting ( Read more in the Wikipedia ).

Uuummh! I actually don't know some of these facts...not until I had read the Wikipedia. I just found it interesting, knowing my new country. I know where my roots came's also good to get close where my branch and my future fruits lies. :-)


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Hmm, a very interesting blog for sure!

I noticed your mention of Zeelandic and thought, if you were interested, you might want to check out this great website in that language:

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