Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why I am silent?

Hey! Now I am back here again... I was just out of the circulation here it is because I had rushed weeks but with plentiful sleeps at least :-) Can you imagine? Well, I don't have specific topic to blog today. I had lot of weekend trips but I'm little tired to make details of it. I would just like to share anything that would come to my mind now :-)

So....I had busy weeks with my ever Dutch language course. I can already communicate in Dutch to my teacher at least. Hahaha! Naturally, I am always running out of breath. My everyday life runs throughout my study and my marriage-relationship. My learning of the language, culture, people, weather, etc. combining with my marriage really need a multiple extra effort to live with them harmoniously. So good.

Actually, I'm just wondering how time ticks so fast. Just few weeks from now, it's Christmas time again. I am a really a hyper-active day person. I don't like to sleep even lay my back until not my sleeping time. No matter how tired I am, a nap has no single room in my internal system. I remembered my working habit before, I never sleep until there's still more coffie :-) When I'm already tired to make myself a cup of coffie, then it's now my bed time.

Well, I did many things these days...that keep my days rolling and no time to blog. These are simple things I do but I enjoy them :

1. Monday-friday (except tuesday) going to school. Reaching my goal to speak Dutch :-)

2. Going to the city centrum with my bike after muse around and do shopping at the most good price option...

3. Non-ending experiment in the kitchen.

4. Hunting jobs and sending my resume via online...I know that there are only less opportunities for me but who knows... opportunities seldom come because they arrived unnoticeable...(So, I should be wide-awake though!)

5. Watching James Bond movies...a monthly movie marathon on tv, only for OO7.

6. Going to cinemas...I think we watched movie 4 times this month...and the fifth will be this weekend :-) I think it's high time to get an abonnement (subscription to cinemas) Hmmmn.....

7. I'm experimenting my new sewing machine. A gift from my loving mother-in-law. (Thanks mom). Wow, I never sew before...I mean not in a machine but I do few manual stitches. I always escape from my Home Economics class before, where cooking and sewing were best subjects during elementary grade.

But why I'm sewing now? Blame my size...I am just small for clothing size here in the country of big and tall people. I do buy stuff from kids section for best fit. If I shop in ladies guaranteed that I need my sewing kit just in due time. I may change either the clothings' width and length or both. So, when I shop for clothes, I always check the cut and stitches if I can manage to change it myself....Hummmn. I never did 'till I live here.

8. I did advance X'mas shopping because I sent my christmas gifts to my family in the Philippines.

9. I did finished organizing our photoalbum which was also included in the Philpackage. That was really tiring...weighs about 2 kg album showcasing hundreds of our faces upside-down :-)

10. I am engaging myself for a volunteer work (application stage)...whenever I'll start, definitely will slash my free time.

11. I am still doing my wedding photoalbum via online service. It will be finished hopefully and finally send our order this week.

12. Just last night, I finished accessorizing our christmas 8 feet real pine tree. You think X'mas tree is just 'onli' in the Philippines?

My dear unwrapping the tree last friday night :-)

Yeah, I'm just missing the yuletide season mood which I am used to. I was the first one who bought a pine tree in the garden shop, according to the shophelper . :-) I might be on their history list, the earliest x'mas tree buyer. Hehehe.

A real pine tree will only survived in a room temperature of at least 21 days...I hope the tree will still be at its best 'till January...(hehehehe joke). Christmas in the Philippines normally starts with the "-ber month " from September and extends 'till January the following new year....

Here in the Netherlands is about to celebrate Sinterklaas Dag (St. Nicholas day) on December 5, a day of giving gifts. After the celebration, the shops and streets will shift then to Christmas festive atmosphere.

13. I am busy making and completing my Christmas wishlist ..and also for the Sinterklaas.

14. Doing again all those things mentioned above excluding the last two deeds.

It's just a cycle way of life...In everyday, you might do something little or extravagant, but then at the end of the'll sleep on it. The next day is just another day to do the same thing in the past which you do like but forget those that makes you feel horrible.

At this point, I would still like to do all those things I mentioned...Naturally it might change in the long run depending to priorities I would settle with and decisions I would lay down beforehand....'s time to cook...See yuh! :-)

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