Thursday, December 27, 2007

December capsule IV

We just seen a ballet performance of Het Grootste Zwanenmeer ter Werld (Swan Lake) at the RAI Theatre in Amsterdam. It was spectacular. It was my first time ever that I saw a live stage ballet. Adriaan was his fourth time, but we both enjoyed the show.
(Photo is from

We had a good but expensive seat in the theatre (tickets were courtesy from my in-laws). It was breathtaking. I can see the faces of the performers and all their synchronized movements. The show had two breaks, so they divided the play into three plots/parts.

The story is based on the classic tale of young Prince Siegfried, who falls in love with the Swan Queen, Odette. Poor Odette is cursed for all time by the evil Rothbart. She is destined to remain a woman during the day but a swan at night until rescued by the power of love.

Enthralled by her beauty, the Prince pledges his undying love, but is tricked by the evil sorcerer into declaring his love for Odile, Odette's evil twin.
When he discovers the ruse, the horrified prince rushes back to the lake where he battles Rothbart and destroys his power.

(Photo is from

The performance combined the most perfect harmony between the music and the choreography in the history of dance - a beautiful story about the struggle of good and evil. And a great love story as well. However, there are different versions in the ending of the story. In this performance, the queen was destroyed by the evil. The queen died and the prince carried her and they both thrown themselves to the lake. It was still a happy ending since they meet each other in heaven.

For this production, the company has made a concept - with classical sets, costumes, backdrops and staging. The whole effects, in visual and in musical were splendid.

There were 48 swans/performers from the Tsjaikovsky Perm Ballet from Russia, where the best ballet performers came from. They are world performers. As of the record, the company has the greatest number of swans ever performed that highlighted the show.

Tickets are still available at Topticketline and will be performed until 6 january 2008.

Monday, December 24, 2007

December capsule III

Snow...snow... It snowed in the Netherlands. It lasted for two nights at least. This winter is colder than last year.

I smiled it is because, I always wanted to snow. I just had a quick shot here or else I might freeze too.

The first day of mother in law picked me up at home. We went together to Makro (a big warehouse) for some stuff. On our took the nicest route to drive through and we can spot the white scenic views. I took pictures while I was inside of the car but they were not just sharp...I'm still glad that I took them...(above fotos).

It was just a tired day...that I was not able to get out and have a walk. I just tried to take more pictures from our flat...(pictures just right above).

It was really beautiful. The watercanals were frozen...Adriaan's nephews are skating in the frozen canals in 't Woudt (where my parents in law live) and where I would like to go but Adriaan was just not feeling well.

I'm hoping this will happen again. Anyways, the weather in the Netherlands is just so changeable. Now, the temperature is 5C . Just few more droppings...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

December capsule II

I watched Evita, the musical play held at the New Luxor Theater in Rotterdam courtesy from my work.

I was excited though it's my first time to watch a musical play here in Holland and to think that it's a world renowned play. The book and lyrics by Tim Rice and this is based on the life of Eva Peron, the infamous first lady of Argentina. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.The original Broadway production opened on 25 September 1979 and was directed by Harold Prince, with choreography by Larry Fuller, running for 1567 performances. Originally produced as a concept recording, the original West End production opened on 21 June 1978. A film version was released in 1997 where Madonna played Evita and Antonio Banderas as Che Guevarra.

I also watched the film and I have at home a Dvd which was also a gift from our boss. Luckily, I knew the story, or else I might not understand the play. :-) The songs are all translated in Dutch...expecting that the rise and fall of the melodies are just quite difficult to follow. Brigitte Heitzer who played as Evita has a great voice. She won last time in the AVRO tv programme"Op zoek naar Evita" (Searh for Evita) of Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties.

It was actually a work night-out. We had dinner at Liepzig restaurant inside of the theater. My colleagues were just curious to ask me if I can follow and understand the play 'coz even them, have difficulty listening to the music. The orchestra was just hard...well, the first part of the plot was quite full of strong emotions that made the music harder. But in the second part was already slowly to softened since of the low-variations of feelings of the story. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the performance.

The evening was so beautiful and I was also impressed with the architectural design of the theater. I did'nt have a photo since I was just a bit reluctant to disrupt my Dutch colleagues in their serious mood. Hehehe! They looked allergic and skeptical from the camera flash...but at the end of the play, our boss gathered us in the big hall and took a group picture just with a big christmas tree background. They have no escape but at least I was relieved. :-)

The New Luxor Theatre is one of the biggest amusement theatres in the Netherlands and home to various forms of entertainment including musical, cabaret, opera, revue and dance for international and local audiences. The ambience of the theater was really perfect for the night. The location has the excellent waterfront view of the world port, the Erasmus bridge as the skyline of Rotterdam and from there is just the Hotel New York stands.

Surprisingly, when we went out from the theater, it was a complete white evening. It snowed. I've waited for snow and just happened at the late evening. I sighed...I had no time to take a photo coz we're already hurrying going inside of our bus...I was hoping to take a photo when I arrived in Delft....Surprisingly again! Mr. Snowman was not yet in Delft....Uuhmmmm.

The next morning...I woke up and when I looked out the window....I just saw white. At last...the snow arrived :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

December capsule I

I was quite busy this month of December. A lot of things happened, like surprises ( of any sorts, gifts or problems :-(, sickness, misunderstandings, parties etc.). In short...tired and exhausted. Anyhow, I'm back and I'm trying to recap my past few weeks and I'm even inspired by this photo I captured few weeks ago.

I took this magnificent sunset view from our flat.

To start with, on the first day of this month, we had a nice evening with my 3 sister-in-laws and my mother in law. We had dinner together in the Pakhuis, a cozy restaurant in Delft. We called the night as girls' night-out. Girls' talk in between with a superb meal served in the table. It was an exclusive time for us...backbiting over our hubbies :-) Hehehhe. joke. That night was special and we would like to do it next time in the coming year.

The next day I decorated my christmas tree. Too early here in Holland but quite later than in the Philippines. This time, I bought a plastic one (practically wise) unlike last year that I had a 6 footer real pine tree.

We had celebrated the Sinterklas last december 5. We had many surprises received from Sint. It was time to feel like a kid. Hehehe...opening your gifts.

The unwrapping of gifts...

I have some regular meet-ups with few friends from the church. Last 11th was the Lichtjes avond ( light evening) in the city. It was the evening that the big christmas tree standing in the market square of the city was lighted to welcome the yuletide season.

The big christmas tree in the market square just officialy lighted up at exactly 7pm by the city mayor. It was blessed with a pleasant weather, where a very big and full-packed crowd gathered.

The church where I regularly attend, joined the activity. We setted up an information stand about the church. The night was glorious especially inside of the Oude kerk (old church). There were musical presentations and plays.

The following days were scheduled visits for families and friends.

I still used to manage my school schedule in which I just had my pre-exam last 18th.

The above image is a manger with people playing as Mary and Joseph with several sheperds and a camel.
Photo below is the aligned old buildings along the Oude Delft canal displaying their lights to highlight this one of the most historical canals of the city.

And you know what... I just grabbed a part time job in the housekeeping department of the Leeuwenbrug Hotel, just here in Delft. I just work for 3 1/2 hour for 3 days a week. It's also a nice experience, and I meet new people where I have the chance to enrich my Dutch vocabulary. I have a mixed environment of co-workers like students, mothers, old, youngs and of course international guests. This' also something to pack up my time. The hotel is just less than 15 minutes by bike, an advantage not to back out. So far, this job is better than sitting in the cabin of the callcenter where I last worked. Great :-)

Check out my next activity in my next post. I'm trying to capsulate them as far as I can remember. Have a happy vacation and a festive December :-)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Forgetful: a symptom

I'm surprise how forgetful I am. It's acceptable to forget somebody's name that you just met for a split of minute and meet only once in a blue moon :-) Can you forgive me if I forget your birthday? I think yes...just try to make up, but what I can't accept is simply forget the day's date. Omg! I forgot that yesterday was wednesday and I was doing my thursday activity in one day advance and even busy planning for the following day, thinking it's friday.

Maybe it was the effect of my dentist nonstop changing of my appointment. Hmmmn. I used to save the date for my dental regular check up and just for a strange change, I received two different calls requesting me to change my appointment. The dentist is out! My appointment always falls on wednesday. So, I move it now to thursday. I hope the change will pay.

Does it also happens to you? Is this a sign of aging? I'm about to hit the crucial 30's. Well, I don't know if this is serious, but how many times last summer that I spent many times searching for my sunglasses wherein it was peacefully sitting on top of my head. Ridiculous but it seems that the time is what I mean?

I have my electronic agenda/planner via my fone syncronizing to my outlook calendar but still doesn't help me. I have a calendar hanging inside of our wc (water closet). My mobilefone alarms to remind me but it seemed to be not working. Hmmmm. Sounds not yet desperating but it worries me. I have to set an action plan. What? To take a good and sound sleep. I think, I was just tired...maybe it's time to arrange a therapuetic thermal bad. Just like a special treat in Sanadome. Uhmmmn. I can also do an aromatic bath at home. How about after this post?

I would say, that I'm not really good of dates like histories, remembering ones' birthday, but I won't forget that I was married in April fool's day...heheheh (joke). I won't forget how special it was during one beautiful spring day.

There are many reasons associated with memory loss. Try to google it. I won't enumerate them. Others also said that memory lapses might be just an excuse for someone who don't like to remember. Hmmmn. Playing forgetful? That is certainly a bad habit.

The modern world we live in makes many demands on us. Sometimes it seems as if the pressure to do more, be more, and produce more never stops. It is not surprising then, that the balance between inner and outer life is tricky to maintain. The pace of living has become hectic. As a result, our head (sanity) spins out of our reach. Well, forgetfulness is not yet a serious symptom of insanity. Heheheh. What we need is to release all the junk from within. Let our brain pick up its sensors of organizing (there are lots of rooms in our brain to be checked)...then our memory faculty will be restored and revived...only if you'll have some time for body rest.

Anyways, I think this is not yet a disease. I can still manage to survive. Only that there are days that we're so hyperactive, a kind of imbalance that we forget to live the day and subconsciously we like to bring up the future out of our own will. Our mind faculty just don't rest and tried to work continously jumping off to its limit. It means, that I have to adapt to my body rythm and not trying to over rule what the body can't.

What do you think? Am I right? Or am I just justisfying how forgetful I am...or maybe I will blame it by too much drinking coffee. Maybe I'll shift to decaf but not so soon :-)

Note: Just read this article about diagnosis of being forgetful .

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sinterklaas again!

On December 5, it's Sinterklaas again here in the Netherlands. This gonna be my second time to celebrate it. Well, it's not really that we will celebrate it per see, but I'm just gonna witness it how special it is for the children. We will be joining with my sister-in-law since they have two kids. Without kids, this event woudn't be sold out solely to the adults.

Who is Sinterklaas?

Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (s).

Who is also Zwarte Piet?

I already introduced them during my previous post last year. Have a look and get up-close and personal to him:-)

Tag: Bye Sinterklaas, Hello Santa Claus .

For a bird's eyeview, Sinterklaas or Sint Nikolaas in Dutch or Saint Nicolas in French, is a holiday tradition in the Netherlands and Belgium (both Dutch and French speaking parts), celebrated every year on Saint Nicholas' eve December 5 or, in Belgium, the morning of December 6. Zwarte Piet is Sint's helper. The feast celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children. Read more...

I just refresh this subject it is because, since the start of November, many googlers are referred to my site and untiredly using the search word Sinterklaas. I hope that the above link might be a help.

It's just amazing how this feast a big business grower. All items now on sales are related to this feast. All items are costumized and commercialized. From clothings, toys, kids accessories, and food are all Sint inspired.

In food section, you can see taitai, speculaas, chocolate letters (pure or milk) and choco sint/piet figurines, marsepein ( a mixture of almonds and sugar that has been ground), choco munten (chocolate coins), peppernoten, and many more. Check this link for more Sint food ideas.

Speculaas are flavoured with cinnamon and some specific spices. A type of shortcrust biscuit (traditionally baked for consumption of this feast) in the Netherlands and Belgium.

All the food stuff can be found anywhere in the supermarket or you might even get these for free in some shops or as giveaways of some companies and offices.

Now, I'm eating pepernoten. This is made of kaneelpoeder (cinnamon) and nootmuskaat (nutmeg).

Right image is the pepernoten.

After this feast, Christmas will follow. People are not as busy unlike during the Sinterklas day. Christmas is celebrated very shortly and treated with a simple family dinner. Very unlikely to what we used to in the Philippines...where the yuletide season is occupying a quarter of the calendar year.

Ps. It's also during Sinterklaas that you might need to start writing your wishlist :-) Hehehe. It's my own interpretation. Well, at this time, I'm not wishing...I'm praying :-)

This' all for now. Happy Sint day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Search your celebrity look-alike...

This is one of my files I came acrossed when I opened up my old archive. I tried to upload my newest picture to check my celebrity look-alike, if it's still the same. The most consistent is the lovely girl Katie Leung, who charmed Harry Potter and more Asean stars...including Sarah Geronimo, the Philippine young popstar. Well, just a slight similarity :-) Naks!

Ummmmh. I'm just amazed why the're two blond girls sneaked out in my collage...Note: Drew Barrymore is also consistent to any of my pictures....Hehehe! Most likely, due to our checkbone...
Just for fun...try to check yours...maybe this is one way to find your long lost grand ancestors...:-)

Anyway, don't worry dear friends...this will not cause to lost your identity...yours is forever yours :-) Just check out how the power of technology does cute things :-) Have a nice day.

Monetize your Blog through...

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I was browsing the web again, and here I got an interesting piece of how to monetize your blog through bloggerwave. This is now the trend, the newest fave...join to the bandwagon of blogging. Bloggers around the world, who specializes in their own fields, whatever, it may be in travel, tourism, industry, medical, gadgets, fashions, media, IT, education, politics, lifestyle, counselling, you name it, all of them are why not me...:-) I would like to give a shot.

Friday, November 09, 2007

colors of autumn

It's now autumn. Autumn is the season that comes between summer and winter and officially starts on the 21st of September. Americans started and usually call this season fall because it is a time of falling leaves. In Nederlands, it's translated as herfst or najaar ( herfst is pronounced as what it is being written and najaar, j is pronounced as y ).

I am very enchanted during fall especially this year. Last year's autumn was not as colorful as this time. Now, deciduous trees shed their leaves, with the leaves changing to a reddish or brownish hue before falling. In temperate zones just like in the Philippines, autumn is the season during which most crops are harvested though we don't have this official season.

(The yellow flower, oncidium or dancing lady, stands at our window pane, this blooms on its 3rd time since the time we have it last year. This also serves as our daily sunshine for the past few weeks :-)).

In the fall, there's nothing like the low-angled, amber light of autumn shining on a late season garden. When I biked, there was a smoky haze in the air that gave the countryside a dream-like atmosphere. Sometimes, when I biked going through to the villages, the green meadows appeared of multi-hued colors. The cows’ breath fogged the chilly air and of course, their smelly waste is also freely dancing with the air to give you their unselfish earthy odor. Well, not to make my blog stinky...:-) I would say that the aromatic scents of the leaves and flowers are the most empowering fragrances you will smell when you pass in the bushes or walk along the array of trees. It's magnificent I would say. Walking in the woods with the heap of falling leaves at your feet. This year's autumn is really beautiful.

Everywhere you go, you see warm earthy tones in the garden, a sprinkling of colour from summer's last flowers, brilliant reds, oranges and yellows of the trees dressed in their best fall finery. The colours remind us of the wonderful summer we have just had. One can still feel the last of the sun's summer warmth on one's face while crisp air fills the sunny days and cooler nights. Store windows and markets are adorned with all the fall colours, tempting the passer-by. It is a season to be enjoyed for as long as it can be, before the onset of the long cold winter.

Now a little late of sighting colors since the flatland is stormed, frequent rain poured and tremendous bursting of wind blasted. Leaves are just falling, make the trees almost bald and grey.

Anyway, before the end of this scenic autumn, I just got few shots of a garden park nearby in our neighboorhood (the garden fotos were all taken at the Wilhemina park at Weteringlaan, Delft).

You know, while I'm writing this post, I'm quite inspired to compose a poem about autumn. Actually, autumn has often been associated with melancholy. The possibilities of summer are gone, and the chill of winter is on the horizon. Skies turn grey, and people turn inward, both physically and mentally. I read a lot about associated medical stories how this season affects human behavior, like winter blues: Seasonal Affective Disorder: Are you SAD? due to decrease exposure of sunlight as fall deepens and extends throughout the darker days of winter. I won't go deeper to this topic...this kinda an opossite side of how colorful autumn is, right?

I would like to share few lines from an autumn story I just browsed in tonight. ( I coudn't tract back the page anymore to cite who the author was...)

...I look out the window and watch Autumn's story unfold. I witness crimson, auburn, and gold leaves, clinging to their branches in the late October wind. The wind seems relentless, and the leaves struggle to hold on, whipped back and forth. Then, in a moment of what appears to be surrender, but which I think is better described as reconciliation, a leaf lets go of its branch, and gives itself over to the wind. It does not plummet straight to the ground. It floats gently, this way and that, as if recalling its life on the branch. If the wind is strong, the leaf may stay in the air for minutes on end, swirling around with other leaves. Yet, in the end, the leaf comes to rest on the solid earth. It returns to the ground from which the tree itself arose, many years ago, to mingle with the dust and ashes of life's other forms. This is the story Autumn tells...

Autumn is telling us something important. Autumn fires something in our imagination that we can reflect with. With its blustery days, its dropping temperatures, its slowly freezing ponds and rivers, its long, dark nights, and its beautiful, falling leaves...and in a certain point, you will realize how beautiful life is. We only have one life but we can create more lives out of living it to the fullest. We live at a certain point and die at any unapprehended time. However, a young leave in the spring must give its colors through the summer and is destined to fall in the autumn...but people has more chances to show real colors, not just a bright colorful leaf but people have chance to share joy and happiness to anyone that is lasting and enduring...longer than forever.

Some wishes to become a leaf, to live shortly but fulfilled. Hmmmmm....I would rather choose to be me :-) Just living once but still has a chance to live life all over again when get stumble and fall. Fall is a gift of be appreciated and reminded how great is the One who made it.

I got deeper here than SAD... I have to sleep now I think :-) See yuh!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A trip plan to Paris

A friend from church is planning to organize a weekend trip to Paris. I received lots of emails about the said trip from our church google group. It seemed that many are interested. How about me? Yes I do. I would like to visit Paris for the second time around.

(This photo is at the Champs Elysees avenue during our trip last year).

The itinerary presented is quite alluring to me. For a 2-3 days trip...include visiting the La Tour Eiffel, walking to the Champs Elysees, meditating at the church of Notre Dame and Versailles.

Left image is the Eiffel obviously :-)

I've been already to these places except the palace in Versailles (photo below).

One of the most beautiful monuments in France, located just 25 miles southwest of Paris is The Castle of Versailles. Also one of the finest jewels of the French Crown and one of the most stunning designs of its creator, the Sun King, Louis the Fourteenth. That's where I would like to go.

A pose with the background of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Another thing that the trip offers is, it's such a budget trip. We are going to stay in an affordable hotel in Paris relatively closed to our target destinations. Of course, accomodation is not that hard to find. There are many nice hotels to choose from since tourism is a boom industry in France. Generally, hotels in France can be very expensive but it can be as cheaper depending how much you would like to spend. Try to dig up your web search engine. Amazingly, cheap hotels are just in hand. Wise spending will be a good motto for a smart traveller. Am I right?

Well, I'm still waiting for the infos about this trip. By the first week of December is the probable date. This gonna be a different trip it is because it's a wonderful group of people in one itinerary. It's a good start to unwind before the rushing christmas holidays. We will be tasting tegether the local french cuisine, maybe walking along the big spotlight fashion streets, bargaining in the market (as per insist),visiting museums, or climbing the Eiffel which I didn't dare before. Bunch of things to do I expect.

For the meantime, I will just wait and see what the travel plans are. Now, it's time to do my schoolworks. Have a nice day :-)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sports time!

I had tennis lessons and it was my physical exercise before I left for Netherlands. When I just arrived here, I simply missed it especially that I always pass tennis lawns and saw people playing. I'm not that good though and I'm definitely not Justine Henin here but I really had the stamina to strike a hollow rubber ball over a net into my opponent's court with this tiny arm of mine..

At the end of the day's work, I simply sneaked out from my boss's office and said goodbye to all that I need to get off at exact 5pm (closing office hr.). My coach will be waiting and I might pay the running time for that :-( Later, I already managed to play single or double with an officemate or other tennismates...who are kinda seniors of the club.

At that time, I was started wishing for a new and famous brand tennis racket. I don't owned one. I just used a handed down racket. My grandfather was a serious tennis player of his time. Few uncles and aunts inherited the skills. I just started ti get interested with the game since my mid twenties...Why? Maybe I already get over from my trauma of being hit by a baseball or from a basketball ball. What I have are lots of tennisballs...I can afford it...and so with tennis shoes and my pair white tennis suits.

Now, it's autumn, tennis clubs are opening. I would really like to join but I'm still persuading my dear to join with me and so as for refreshing lessons so we can play together. Is it that perfect? (if you have unfinished business...then bring it to the court....hahahah!) I would also like to try playing in a grass court (feel like Wimbledon) or clay court (like in a French Open)....ummmmh! Ambitiousa! In the Philippines, especially in the province, I used to play in a hard court, concreted by cement and some coated by asphalt... really rough surface that sometimes I had difficulty to reach and return the ball 'coz of slow motion...hehehe..I'm quite scared to run and leg scratches would be at stake.

I remembered my coach, Badminton!!!, he shouted, to remind me of my servings. I used to play badminton before, so it was an awkward shift. I served normally onderhand...and took me time to learn overhand... I don't know why, but I ended up smashing the air and fall the ball to my face. :-) To reach overrun balls was also hard at the start.

At this time of the year, indoor sports are now starting. However, tennis can be an indoor or outdoor. I would also like to try running in an open court...autumn temperature is bearable I will burn much energy enough to warm up your coldblooded nerves :-)

It is also amazing to observe that sports and body fitness is well supported in the Netherlands. You name the sports...and the flatland will offer. So far, I see no one here yet playing "tumbang preso" or "tumba lata", that's only in the Philippines I presumed.
It feels good to do stuff again that you used to do wayback two years ago. I will still consider it...but at the meantime, I will stick to my swimming lessons and do constant cycling...

Oooops...before I forgot...check Tennisplaza to see what kind of tennis racket I've wished for.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Interactive Trip Planner

I was already sharing this to you in my past entries about a
trip planner. Realtravel offers a free trip planner . I just forgot to say that this trip planner is voted as the one of the twelve essential travel sites by Forbes and best of web for trip planning by BusinessWeek. It's not only a travel guide but at the same time a trip planner.

The services is cool to me. But what is a trip planner? It is the scheduled trip you created beforehand where you choose and make your personal intineraries. Here, first you build it up by adding any number of destinations to your itinerary. Organize and date your itinerary. See your itinerary on a dynamic route map. You are saving your travel research in one place. Get travel guide information from Frommer's for free. You can even add insights from real travelers who have been there in your respective destinations. You can add your own notes and useful links from other sites. There, you can share your plan, save it and email it to friends and family.

You can plan and wide your imaginations of what kind of a travel or vacation you like. Any trip using public transport or for hired vehicles are possible. Just enter in where you from and to locations, and Realtravel provides you with trip options including maps, guides, route diagrams, travel blogs and reviews that might also help you.

Any destinations are just a click away of your mouse. From Europe, to America, to Asia and to any continents you like to go is just ready for you to explore. I'm going to Asia, to my beloved native land, Philippines. I already have my ticket :-) Later, I will send my itinerary :-)

Check this tag from my past blog entry: Interactive Travel Guide

Goede reis allemaal! (Happy trip to all!).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hasta la vista España

I'm not yet done with my travel blogs. I can’t resist not to share how I would like to go to Spain. Given with so many choices of destinations, it happened to be difficult to decide. Why in Spain?

The one why everyone goes to see in Barcelona, the "Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia" otherwise known as just the Sagrada Familia, the Sacred Family.

When I was still in my language school, I had about five classmates with Spanish nationalities. I remembered that during our short breaks, the Dutch atmosphere is swiftly shift to a Hispanic ambience. Since we (Philippines) had a colonial history from the Spaniards (not the reason though), it happened that I have a good bonding with them.

These classmates are my real tourist guides during our breaks. Now, I have even invitations from them to go with them to Spain for vacation. Unluckily, not yet but two of my other friends went. I told my dear that I would like to visit either Madrid or Barcelona. Big and extra expensive cities. I was thinking....think head!...I prefer to save this trip out of my purse :-) that's what I thought.

All of a sudden...this wish rings back in my ear...when I opened up my mails with an accomodation deals for hotels in Madrid and hotels in Barcelona. It's tempting's like something that tickles my foot...

For spanish translation, you can read hoteles en Barcelona .

Placa de les Glories Catalanes at night, most often shortened to Glories, is a large square in Barcelona.

Barcelona is the capital and largest city of Spain. Night-time is when the people of Barcelona most participate in the city's leisure activities, attending concerts and theatrical productions and filling the restaurants, music bars and discotheques. Barcelona is dubbed as the city of leisure.

For the culture and arts' sake :-), I would also like to explore in my own how our famous Dr. Jose Rizal found Spain as the venue of realizing his dreams where he wrote almost the half part of Noli Me Tangere, his great novel, in Madrid.

The most beautiful of the many grand squares in Madrid is the Plaza de Cibeles (right photo).

Madrid has a rich and throbbing cultural life that offers all kinds of entertainment, from musical festivals and theatre to typical flamenco and zarzuelas (comic light opera).

Simply, Spain has great part of the world's vast history. In other way, it's where my ancestor's origin. Quite sure, it's a magnificent visit. Well, I will just take my time saving for it. Hehehe! No reason to panic, since Cheaperthanhotels offers a year round accommodation at hotels , apartments and hostels in Spain at prices generally less than direct and even give last minute deals.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

My year's agenda

What's up with my agenda? Agenda in Netherlands means, schedule for the day or for the week or might be for the whole year. Do you know that most of the Dutch people are used to write their schedules in a small book as what we called like a diary. A calendar of activities. There, they write the names of the people, important dates like birthdays and other appointments ( including work, visits, dentist/doctor, dinner/coffee appointmets...etc), just anything that matters time division. My first encounter of the word agenda, during my early weeks since I arrived here was, I was some kind confused. It was a family gathering when I heard of an agenda. Ooh! I thought about of what's the pleasure of the body? Do we need to divide the house? hahaha! We are used to the english/american meaning of it.

Well, what's up with me? I might forgot to say how busy I am...or I'm too busy to say how busy I am...:-) Confused? I forgot to share that I'm no longer studying the Dutch language. I finished level 3 and I chose to stop and not to go further. I did my language exam for level 4, unfurtunately, I did'nt make it. Sorry folks..and sorry for myself. Well, I might say that it's still an achievement for my short stay here in the Netherlands ( 1 and half yr.), at least I managed to stand the challenge. I ended up my language study last summer.

Our front view of one of the last few sunny days of the summer.

Do you know what I did last summer? Aside from the fact that I mentioned above, I also worked. I did two different jobs in the past. First, I worked in the Distribution Center of Mexx, a big clothing/accessories line company in Europe. I was eager to put myself in a dutch speaking environment. It was a nice experience going out from my 'comfort zone' (english zone). I tried not to stay there long...just a taste how Dutch works :-) Omg! No mobilefones and keep your eyes to your boss...they are watching you or watch out the camera, big brother is following you :-( Anyways, people there are nice and helpful... It was also quite far from my home, located in Voorschoten.

Recently, I worked in a callcenter working with the english team located few steps away from the central station of
Rotterdam. It was a good experience though I prefer to stop,it is because I have no good chance to practice my dutch language. It's an international company with international agents...The longer I'll work there, the faster my speech declines. Now, I'm trying to look for another one.

The leaves' color of the trees changes through the autumn season, at the right photo.

Another new thing, on tuesday, I'm back to school. Oohh! I just said I stop right? But I decided to go to school for a new study. I'm enrolled for a 9-month administrative course in Fabius , an Office Management Institute here in Delft. FYI...the study is in Dutch instruction.

Every monday, I do have my swimming lessons. I regret to say that I did not take the opportunity of learning how to swim wayback in the Philippines when we lived nearby the sea coast. ( at least it will take my list shorter what to learn here :-() Hopefully next year, I can manage to start my driving lessons. Thanks that I have a lot of vitamins stocked in the cupboard.

I supposed to go to the Access office once in a week for my volunteer work. Apparently, I decided to stop this quarter and maybe resume on the coming spring next year. Speaking of this, do you know that I was awarded as the volunteer of the month last September? I worked with the layout team of the Access magazine. Open the pdf of our summer and autumn magazine. The city of Delft where I live is the cover page of the autumn issue. The honor was a surprise but I also gave credit to my colleague, who was very helpful to me.

I think I had a fruitful year this time despite the tears I shed though. Life is just too challenging to me that sometimes I missed its meaning. I know I'm brave. I had many battles in my back that I surpassed. Though in this fight, I'm the captain without soldiers to command to, only weapons of courage from love ones and God is my ever shield. I think I'm ready.

This is my year's agenda. Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Online Tutorial

When I was in the Philippines, I used to give private lessons for elementary and secondary students as my sideline job :-) I was a tutor . There were also college students asked me to do so but I refused. I was actually offered to work as a college instructor but I simply said no to it. I was just afraid that my students will take advantage of me...Hahaha! (kidding aside) I had my own reasons though.

Tutoring was fulfilling but sometimes heart-breaking. I was deeply upset when my student failed. Sounds silly. It was just that I'm not used to academic failures. I had high flying honors since my prep until college. It was only that I was not able to hit the highest rank, magna cum laude but I was satisfied with its lower. I was not aiming it personally. It was just a matter of bonus point for me after 4 yrs of combatting against my teachers :-(

I gave lessons in English
, Science and in Mathematics. I also did basic Calculus. Well, this is just a piece of reminiscing old is because I just checked an Online Tutoring site. TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company in the world. They offer an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for a reasonable fee for all subjects - students can avail their various service as much as they want, whenever they need it. Tutoring is available 24X7. They also assist for test/exam preparations and provide Homework Help services. Sounds great. This makes education faster and more accessible than I think.

This might be my competitor then :-) There was a time I planned to start my own hands-on tutorial center. I have a friend who was also in tutorial job and with other smart friends :-) I was already vibrant to initiate it but I was just busy with my previous job. Anyways, I don't gave much focus to this, it was because I had fulltime job. It was too much for my little brain :-) I had a demanding job before in the provincial local government. That gave me little fraction of my time for miscellaneous stuff plus I had my romantic lovelife thousand miles apart that required high maintenance :-)

Anyways, I recommend Online Tutoring
. It is handy and easy. Parents and any other first hand help are undoubtedly plus factors. This is really one of the most innovative instructions presented by latest technology. Everyone is invited :-) Education is continuous learning. When you're uneasy, throw your doubts to your online teachers :-) Have a nice day!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ams or Amsterdam

AMS is the airportcode of Amsterdam, and it is happened to be my name. I might think that this is really my heart's destination :-) I remember my husband said before, that he has no idea that he already tagging along with him his future wife's name on his traveling suitcase... Is it amazing?

Amsterdam is the financial and business capital of the Netherlands and one of the most important cities in Europe in which to do business. Amsterdam is the hometown of football club Ajax. Visitors are attracted to Amsterdam for its reputation as a liberal city; its relaxed charm emphasised by its elegance; and the reputation of its museums. The major museums are the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum, which houses the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings in the world. The Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to the story of Anne Frank, is also a popular tourist attraction.

So many to mention why Amsterdam is flocked by tourist and even locals. A day exploring is not enough that you just simply need to lodge. Anyways, it is not a problem. Hotels in Amsterdam is benefitting in the tourism industry. Amsterdam accomodation is not difficult to find. You can even find many good hotel deals in the whole year round.

We are living about 45 minutes away by car from Amsterdam. My husband works there and travel most of the weekdays. I remembered my times visiting the city...We had a cruise around the city canals...walked along the famous tiny red light district, looking the narrow fronted merchant's houses, winding at the big shopping streets and unwinding in cozy cafes overlooking the enchanting city waters.

Everytime, I pick up our postmails, and also bulk of my emails are newsletters of discount hotels I received. At this time of the year, people are now busy planning for weekend break or a long vacation trip for a taste of city lights. A time in Amsterdam will pay an enormous difference. I might visit the city again :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What is it in England?

I just have this question pondered, not now but a while ago. Apparently, I know what the reasons are but I would like to site one. Job opportunities. The diversity of this country especially its big cities like London, where employment rate is very high. In any sector, it might be in IT, medical, constuctions, teaching jobs, arts, caterings, research, sales, whatever...sure you will land any jobs in London.

I actually have two friends who moved in England for work opportunities. So, they just simply left us here in Holland and they started a new life there. They are simply happy and find some time to visit and treat us even...considering they earn more :-) hehehe.
The language of course is English. It's universal. It is somewhat a big factor why many people from all over the world have crossed to England or particularly in London. There's no language barrier for professionals not hindering them to establish their careers or start their desirable career path. Another thing is, the number of job vacancies has increased. Growth in average earnings, both excluding and including bonuses, has increased. Sounds good eh!

London jobs are not also difficult to find. Search 1000s of London jobs online. There are lots of online job tools totally free service to all jobseekers. Try this online job seeker for jobs in London.
Start your search now, like me :-) I had past works just around here...I just don't have much time to recap all my experiences but I would love to share it...whenever :-)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Interactive Travel Guide

As you can read below of my past entries, I blog about traveling. Well, maybe it's just a feeling if you are about to travel :-) Any thing that goes with this subject is what you always up in your computer screen. Travel guide books are helpful when you are already in your way, when get lost, your book is just in your hand. While in terms of planning a trip, always be interactive. I found Realtravel, a travel guide and trip planner powered by advice from real travelers. I found this very handy though in the past, I had several travel guides that I checked when 'we ' or 'me' travelled.

What is nice with this travel guide is, you will learn from real people and their travel reviews. Aside from discovering places to go and things to do, you can save with travel deals selected by editors. It might be air and hotel travel deals or package travel deals. You can even create a trip plan with your personalized itineraries, maps, guides, blogs, and more through their Free trip Planner . Here, you can view, modify, and share your itenerary by simply emailing it to your friends and families. I find it cool :-)

A happy travel :-) (Photo from Bigstockphoto).

There are featured travel plans, blogs, photos and destinations. It's a help. Another thing that maybe most travellers are interested about is the travel budget cost. Here, you can compare prices and help you find out the best deals. Saving money on travel is atop which I normally do. So far, I got the best value of my money.
Happy trip :-)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shopping Nintendo Wii video games

Nowadays, many people are now buying via online from anything to something :-) Just like clothing and accesories, home appliances, computers and softwares, and all sorts of gifts or giveways. Not to forget the most chair breaking computer and video games. Speaking of video games, I always remember the famous Nintendo. Wayback the famous Super Mario Bros. sometimes referred to as Mario, that aways flicked my wrist to swing like a baseball bat or tennis racket, made a backswing and follow-through to send a golf ball flying over a pristine fairway. That was fun.
But what is the latest game launched? It is the Nintendo's Wii released last year. I checked what are the famous games that Wii offers...I was surprised to see the list of different Nintendo Wii video games in
Read list and more ...

Super Mario Bros. is the best selling video game of all time, but when I see the list, then this Wii will simply rock the video game market. I've read many good reviews about the games provided in this Wii video site.

In this video site, prices ranges below 30$ and above 70$. Just try to check it out. This innovation is fun regardless of your age :-) to experience, to sit down and play together--whether in the same room or on different sides of the globe. Check it out :-)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Travel Deals on your hand !

I am looking for last-minute booking deals for our autumn vacation. Where to stay is one of the most important things to check out first, second to the choice of destination. Naturally, we always have difficulty choosing our destination. One tip is just to browse around the web and , gotcha, you will be provided with so many tourist destination packages right in your desk. Even, you don't have any plans for a vacation so soon, browsing and be updated what the present travel market is helpful for your future travel plans. Furthermore, through your computer mouse, you can just travel around the world for free :-)

For the meantime, I am busy browsing the pages of Hotels in Berlin and also Hotels in Vienna. I always start navigating to the closest then to the farthest hub from my home.

What is in it Berlin? Visitors to Berlin are spoilt for choice when it comes to its incredible number of tourist attractions. The Reichstag, Museum Island, Charlottenburg Palace and Potsdamer Platz are just some of the German capital's fantastically varied range of world-class sights. The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin's most famous landmark, was modelled on the Propylaea, the gateway to the Acropolis.
Its mixture of culture, architecture , and to types of entertainments, restaurants, shops, theatres and cinemas makes Berlin one of the city's most popular leisure and shopping destinations.

How about in Vienna? Well, I had an invitation from my sorority sister to visit her, why not have a try...of course I don't need accomodation anymore because it's all-in free treat of her...But it's also handy to check hotels in Vienna (in German language) any cases :-)

Well, Vienna is a city of many facets. If you are really a music bum then a lot of trendy clubs, "young" galleries, modern architecture and stylish shops that Vienna can offer as the concert halls, the large museums, the splendid buildings and the nostalgic shops. Seaside experiences in Vienna? Possible. Seaside atmosphere will be de rigeur when the new Sand in the City and established highlights bring a breath of holiday spirit to the heart of the capital. As what they say, Vienna is the world’s music capital! More famous composers have lived here than in any other city – in Vienna, music is literally in the air: waltzes and operettas have their home here. Interesting isn't it?

When you're decided where to go, then offers current hot and last minute deals which is most of the travellers favorite. Here you can just streamline your budget trip at the earliest time. Check it out :-) or register to receive travel deals via email.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You've Got Mailboxes!

I am just browsing the web and I happened to open this link What is inside of this? Just look at these pictures...

The scenes of the movie The lake House plays on my mind...the comeback movie of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves last year.

The fantasy tale started out from an old mailbox with some magical qualities. Gotcha. The letter box looked like this.

Anyways, I am just enchanted with all these mailboxes showcases by Mailboxixchange. Hundreds of desingns in different categories. I can imagine a nice white house standing beside a lake with a white mailbox in the subway....Does it looks perfect?

I was really fascinated looking at these samples. It is very detailed and you have lots of choices according to your style and taste.

They have residential mailboxes and even commercial mailboxes available by orders via online.

Colors, designs and decors are specified.

Try to browse the site...maybe you can start building your house by first having mailboxes :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lightings and effects

Oh my! Summer is now waving goodbye and hello to autumn and darker days...Many people now are rushing to living home shops to accesorize their lovely nests...What are those home accessories? Of course lighting fixtures are on top of the list, especially now, that darker days is coming to 'town'. i saw last time during my shop windings, a lot of variations of lamps, for indoor and outdoor lightings in a widerange of style and colors, and even sizes.

Nowadays, homeowners or shall we say, homemakers, are just particular in buying lighting fixtures in terms of its usage, where it will be placed or put up and when it should be used,how big or small the bulbs are, or even at what angle of the living room it will be faced...Oh my...that's is because I am now one of those. We even agreed it with my honey what color, what sort, how big, what texture, and any idea that goes with lamps.

Now, I just came up with an idea, how to be prepared of those difficulty in terms of selecting goods at your own preference. What is it? Just check out shops in the internet, to look for what exactly you like. From there, you got an idea what you would really look for. Plus, it might satisfy you to order it online or buy it which is comfortable and handy. I found one site to explore with and just easy to find out your desired lightings at If you are more picky with details then you can also find here their fine art lamps.

There are really a lot to choose from, in which I'm also amazed that there are different lighting variations. Check out forecast lightings, george kovacs, house of troy lighting, hinkley light fixtures, and more.

If you are longing for a change in your home with a personal touch, from chandeliers to desk lamps...then this will be a help for you. If you dream of a flushy or semi-flushy ceiling light fixtures...then try to check it out.

At this time of the year, I think many of us like to make our homes bright and cozy to warm up the gloomy days. Alright, these all for now, and I'm checking out more what else can offer.

Bye for now.