Saturday, February 10, 2007

White Winter at last!

I can't wait long time not to share of what had happened last thursday. Just wednesday night, I already checked what would be the weather for thursday and how it would be like via

Foto, as I walked through the park last thursday.

Here, the Netherlands weather proves it again on how unpredictable the climate is. According to weather's bureau, this winter season is ever the warmest winter for the past 5 years. Just last week, I was blessed by sunrays and I did managed not wearing my winter coat. The temperature was always fluctuating, ranging 5C- 10C.

I went out last tuesday with a piece of cotton sweater since I left home with a managaeble temperature. I was just roaming around inside of the mall. After 2 hours, I was amazed with snowfalls greeted me just right when I came out.

My bike was frozen when I came to the parking place (right foto).

Oh, my goodness! I biked went home with a white cammouflaged. I even biked through the nearest park to catch more of snow :-)

Park nearby. During the first few snowfall last tuesday.

I was happy anyway, but I was freezing. It was only a little bit taste of snow. It was just like a crash-ice of "halo-halo" (soft ice-cream) or just like 'M & M that melts in your hand' drama. Just few hours then, all melted out and turned to gray.

But this time, snowfalls is forecasted. Means, ready, here I come! Real winter is just few minutes away that buckets of ice will be poured throughout the flatlands. :-) At last here it is, for the second time around, I will be surrounded by white creatures :-)

The first time, I arrived here in Holland, it was also winter time, and I had even a little white Christmas. However, I had no much time to get well acquainted with the snowman :-) since I had a terrible cold hands and feet. I was just came from a broiler...then came in to a fridge. Can you imagine that? In short, I was not yet acclimatized. So here I'm now, hoping for a second encounter of the snowman. I will see to it, that I won't miss this once in a bluemoon appearance of Mr. white.

Thanks that I was free and will be having more time enticing with the ice again. The temperature dropped below 1C. So, I got ready for a white treat. I was not alone ├žoz I was with my mother-in-law. We went together to Delftse Hout, a 5.5 hectare nature park here in Delft.

We walked throughout the woods. It was really beautiful. Pile of ice in the subways. We walked alongside of the lake which is situated at the heart of the park.

I was here in this park last summer. I remembered walking in a greenland before swarmed with many people resting under the sun. This time, was really special, with a rural peace and quite.

It was a nice afternoon walk with a nice talk with mom W. Mom took the photographs of me. I was really like a snow-bump :-) I can't help not to play with them by hitting them in my feet while walking.

We stopped in a resto-cafe at Het Rieten Dak to warm ourselves.
It is a petite restaurant ideal dateplace for family and close-tie friends. It's even called as a wintercafe, 'coz of it's cosy atmosphere and picturesque view during the cold season.
With the help of our umbrellas, we made to stand against the icedroplets. The ice is thicker and not just as soft ice as the other day. I really took my time to enjoy the weather's most promising mood. It only lasted for a day and a night. So, what more can you ask for a day?

I won't also wait for the time that my feet will get frozen :-) This time, I got enough :-) I had a long walk for almost three hours, merging my feet in an icy ground...Grrrrhhh. Then I love it :-)
I had a hard walk exercise I think. Walking during freezing point is quite a tough job. Leg exercise was not the only thing I gained. Three hours of walking means 3-hours of Dutch speaking (with mom).

So, do I have enough? I think so. I had much fun. Thanks mom W for the day :-)


Letty said...

Hi maria, it seems you really like the winter.

Nice blog, keep posting.
Have a nice day.


Letty said...

Hi maria, your right winter this year is not so cold compared to the previous winters. the temperature are so high. Is the same here in slovenia...


Maria said...

hi letty.