Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrrr....Ik heb geen tijd meer (I have no more time) to BLOG!

It's a pity that I had a long gap not updating my page. I had many things I did in the past that I can't afford to sum up now. This blog will be getting one year old in April circulating in the cyber space. I would like to complete this with fruitful stories as I could but for time reason and physical complains, I can't. However, to have a brief review and to top my reasons why (alibis :-) hehehe, here are the following:
  • I had my Dutch NT2 exam (profieltoets) last week. Now, I'm busy again for another exam next week for level 3. I hope I will pass to go through level 4.
  • Learning Dutch as I could and catch time with my in-laws as frequent to exercise the language.
  • I am now actively working as a volunteer during my free days in which I am donating my blogging time to charity works. Amazing. Is'nt it? Check Access , maybe this organization might help you.
  • It took time for me to weigh and decide if I am going to take vacation to my land. Now, I'm decided to go. When? It is a surprise to all my 'kapamilya' and 'kapuso' readers.
  • If the above took me time to think, then, planning myself to study is even harder. It took me time to know if I'll study and what would be my course of study. Finally, I got it. Now, I have to finally check the closest school from me. I don't like to travel far. :-0
  • So, almost quarter of my time was spent in search the unsearchable :-0
  • Visiting friends.
  • Running personal errands.
  • Window shopping...and walk in through the door when finally tempted.
  • Tired, need to read a book to rest.
  • Every other week, I have my marriage builder meeting...interesting :-)
  • Managing our home, I'm a homemaker, you know :-)

Well, not to add my biking hours, which is part in my daily routine. This took much of my time not to stick to my desk. The above mentioned things are on top of my agenda. Despite all these , blogging is still a way of relaxing for me. That brought me here again to unleash :-) myself.

For the meantime, I'm looking forward to throw a bridal shower party for a friend. Something to celebrate. Definitely, I need Google here again. Anyone who have creative ideas or themes are welcome to suggest. Just write it in the comment section. (Thanks!).

I'm even excited to prepare for our mid-spring vacation. This will slash my time too or maybe, this will fasten me to blog about this trip. Hmmmmn. Yeah, I think there are lot of things to share about the Greeks. We will see. Have a nice day everyone!


Shelly said...

Hi. I really like your blog. Was wondering if you want to add it to my directory? Thanks Shelly

Littlemoney said...

I like the theme that you used in your blog. :)


hallo maria,
chanced on your blog. professionally done. wonder if we could meet sometime in NL, been travelling often to that place of tulips and waffles.
regards and invite you to see ...
bituing marikit

Maria said...

Hello Shelly, Littlemoney en BituingMarikit. Thanks for dropping by...