Monday, April 23, 2007

My one year of blogging...

I am going to be 1-yr old in web-blogging on the 30th of April. Within one year, I got the time to publish this 37th article. Not very much but quite something for me that I had the chance documenting my first year here in the Netherlands. Not all things and feelings I had were shared here. Some was personally censored :-) and decided to keep them and maintain my privacy. Nevertheless, my time spent in blogging is awesome. I met people here and in some ways became an inspiration to others.

Just a fasttrack; my first entry here was about Konninginnedag or the Queen's Day in the Netherlands. I wrote about this national holiday which is also tag as an orange day of this flat country, where many people are cammouflaged by orange colors. I actually plan to write again about this upcoming event on the 30th of this month as my anniversary theme. However, I will be on vacation on wednesday and leaving away from Holland for 10 days. Means, that I can't celebrate Queens day with the Oranjes but with the Grecos instead. :-)

I took the above photo of yellow Daffodils in our window.

The basket of mixed flowers on the right, were Valentines gift to us.

I am listing all my entries here as sort of reminiscing the past. Just have time clicking the following tags :-)

  1. /2006/04/30/"De Konninginnedag" (Queen's Day 2006)
  2. /2006/05/01/My French Kiss
  3. /2006/07/19/Life in Holland Seven Months Ago
  4. /2006/07/21/Heatwave Strikes
  5. /2006/07/28/Spot the Difference
  6. /2006/08/03/The Day Before My Birthday
  7. /2006/08/05/My B-day
  8. /2006/08/11/Richting Breda: (Direction: Breda)
  9. /2006/08/21/Subject: How Engineers Describe Women
  10. /2006/08/27/Sailing in De Kaag
  11. /2006/09/02/De Scholen Zijn Weer Begonnen (Schools Start Again)
  12. /2006/09/11/Lage Vuursche: Revisited
  13. /2006/09/27/Prinsjes (princes) Moments
  14. /2006/10/16/September Sunshine
  15. /2006/10/17/Runaway toLuxembourg
  16. /2006/11/19/Why I am Silent?
  17. /2006/12/15/Bye Sinterklaas, Hello Santa Claus
  18. /2007/01/18/Christmas 2006, New Year 2007: A Retrospect
  19. /2007/01/31/Sales! Consumerism ? Or Consumer's Paronia?
  20. /2007/02/10/White Winter At Last
  21. /2007/03/21/Ik Heb Geen Tijd Meer! ( I Have no More time!) to BLOG

These are the contents of my first blogging year. I hope to share more especially to my family and friends in which this web blog is intended. To those who just happened to drop are welcome and be a witness of my life's journey :-) Good day.