Sunday, August 05, 2007

Corso: Floral Water Parade

As what I said before, today is the revenge of the sun's enormed rays. The temperature strikes at 30D. A lucky day for the Varend Corso,, a 3-day floral activity paraded along the water canal. This is a yearly event organized by some neighboring towns/cities , namely, Midden-Delfland, Vlaardingen, Maassluis, Rijswijk, Den Haag and Delft.

These floral boats passed along the connecting water canals of the mentioned localities. Boats are decorated with flowers, vegetables and fruits. This also emphasized how important the water is that joints many areas in the Netherlands. Water plays a very significant part of the Dutch life, in terms of its culture, economy, and so forth. Again, I won't give much explanation about water relativity here, but my intention is just to post these pictures in lieu of what I missed Kadayawan in Davao.

Kadayawan is also a festive floral parade organized by the neighboring provinces of the Davao region. This is yearly hold in Davao City every month of August and paraded along the busy roads of the city.

Kadayawan is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. This showcases many colorful flowers and mouth savoring fruits and local delicacies.

I also saw the Corso last year and what I saw was not really so spectacular. Ummmh...A kind of review? I would say that...Kadayawan is just so colorful, lively and uncomparable. :-) I do love my own. Hehehe. Regardless of heavy traffic jam, even walk bumper to bumper distance with the masaal and unluckily hold your breath out from a free killing perfume. Wuh! But I missed it.'s just a piece of looking back.

There were proclaimed winners of this Corso parade. Which is which...that I don't know. I was just busy taking pictures and I already missed looking at the labels who the winners are. Luckily I caught an orange paprika being thrown to me by one of the crew in the boat.
Maybe if I only found a nice spot to sit along the water...I think I can bring home with me a basket of free fruits and veggies... People in the boat were throwing their cargoes to us :-)
There were also dancers and singers on board...variety of performances...I even saw an interesting art :-) Well, the water show was just entertaining...something to cool down the warm atmosphere.

Next year would be another water spectacle to await for. Another time where beer supply is just flowing around...:-)Many teenagers and even adults enjoyed bottles/cans of beers. For the most people, the activity was something to spend time for. Others did picnic occupying the banks alongside of the canal. The whole afternoon was just awesome. We cycled along the parade route. We biked from home until Schipluiden and wayback home. It was also a bit of muscle stretching :-)
Well, it was a splashing day but I arrived home quenching my thirst...Next time, I should have some for my dried throat with me:-) See yuh!


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