Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blog and Blogsvertise...

Why you blog? Why I'm blogging? Why there are nearly 60 million blogs now existing online? Below might be the answer for most bloggers;

  • To motivate other people to action
  • To sell a product or service
  • To influence the way other people think
  • To generate income
  • To improve writing skills
  • Just for fun

89% of companies surveyed say they think blogs will be more important in the next five years. Even 1.7 million American adults list making money as one of the reasons they blog. Dynamite, indeed. The burgeoning blog world--1.6 million keyboard tappers at last count--is making big inroads into corporate culture. And companies also see them as a promising medium for advertising (naturally). So...this is something that tikkles in my ear :-) Why not go for the bandwagon of advertising revenue?

There are lots of hosting service revenues but I found one to start with BLOGSVERTISE.

How to start? It's simple. Earn cash and generate extra income from your blog! Just go to the site Blogsvertise and register your blog for free and gotcha!

How it works?

"YOU will just mention and talk about the websites, products and services of your advertisers in your blogs and journals. They want the publicity, the exposure, the Buzz! that online bloggers and internet journals can generate for their web site products and services. In exchange blogsvertise pays YOU in paypal per task/blog entry, for writing / talking about / mentioning their website in your blog! "

More questions? Check out the site.

The blog world is now populated by folks who thrive on racing to be first to post news and getting others to link to, or "blogroll," them. Many are jumping onto the blogwagon for many of the same reasons all those journalists, brooding teenagers, and prof and non professionals are already on board. Unlike email and instant messaging, blogs open for post comments that can be seen by many like an exchange tool for ideas. This also makes the blogger hooked to his messaging box :-)

Definitely I blog, for personal reasons. Nowadays, blogging is the best tool for sharing...what? ideas, memories, ideals, techniques etc....anything that pricks on the bloggers' mind when the sun sets till the moon rises. Personally, this web page showcases my new life in my new home. From this tiny window, my family and people close to me can view me out from a click in an ease. My page holds a special bond to bring me closer to people I know and to those I just met along the cyberways. Imagining an object that is thousand miles away but you can just keep an eye of it in your screen. Is it amazing? In addition to, lots of bonus of blogging...all of the above mentioned reasons are true.

The blogosphere is now the most explosive social network you’ll never see. Sign up and keep on blogging... just don't mind your earnings though. Just keep on sharing and at the end of your tiring hours, you're account is bulking of earnings. Huh!

Don't own yet a blog/journal? Set up from one of these free blog resources for free. Get paid while you are speaking out your mind or reminiscing your memories with your dear ones :-)... Goodluck!

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thess said...

Hallo Maria! :) Congrats on your new venture!

(Thess van 'Eetsmakelijk')