Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hasta la vista España

I'm not yet done with my travel blogs. I can’t resist not to share how I would like to go to Spain. Given with so many choices of destinations, it happened to be difficult to decide. Why in Spain?

The one why everyone goes to see in Barcelona, the "Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia" otherwise known as just the Sagrada Familia, the Sacred Family.

When I was still in my language school, I had about five classmates with Spanish nationalities. I remembered that during our short breaks, the Dutch atmosphere is swiftly shift to a Hispanic ambience. Since we (Philippines) had a colonial history from the Spaniards (not the reason though), it happened that I have a good bonding with them.

These classmates are my real tourist guides during our breaks. Now, I have even invitations from them to go with them to Spain for vacation. Unluckily, not yet but two of my other friends went. I told my dear that I would like to visit either Madrid or Barcelona. Big and extra expensive cities. I was thinking....think head!...I prefer to save this trip out of my purse :-) that's what I thought.

All of a sudden...this wish rings back in my ear...when I opened up my mails with an accomodation deals for hotels in Madrid and hotels in Barcelona. It's tempting me...it's like something that tickles my foot...

For spanish translation, you can read hoteles en Barcelona .

Placa de les Glories Catalanes at night, most often shortened to Glories, is a large square in Barcelona.

Barcelona is the capital and largest city of Spain. Night-time is when the people of Barcelona most participate in the city's leisure activities, attending concerts and theatrical productions and filling the restaurants, music bars and discotheques. Barcelona is dubbed as the city of leisure.

For the culture and arts' sake :-), I would also like to explore in my own how our famous Dr. Jose Rizal found Spain as the venue of realizing his dreams where he wrote almost the half part of Noli Me Tangere, his great novel, in Madrid.

The most beautiful of the many grand squares in Madrid is the Plaza de Cibeles (right photo).

Madrid has a rich and throbbing cultural life that offers all kinds of entertainment, from musical festivals and theatre to typical flamenco and zarzuelas (comic light opera).

Simply, Spain has great part of the world's vast history. In other way, it's where my ancestor's origin. Quite sure, it's a magnificent visit. Well, I will just take my time saving for it. Hehehe! No reason to panic, since Cheaperthanhotels offers a year round accommodation at hotels , apartments and hostels in Spain at prices generally less than direct and even give last minute deals.


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