Sunday, October 14, 2007

My year's agenda

What's up with my agenda? Agenda in Netherlands means, schedule for the day or for the week or might be for the whole year. Do you know that most of the Dutch people are used to write their schedules in a small book as what we called like a diary. A calendar of activities. There, they write the names of the people, important dates like birthdays and other appointments ( including work, visits, dentist/doctor, dinner/coffee appointmets...etc), just anything that matters time division. My first encounter of the word agenda, during my early weeks since I arrived here was, I was some kind confused. It was a family gathering when I heard of an agenda. Ooh! I thought about of what's the pleasure of the body? Do we need to divide the house? hahaha! We are used to the english/american meaning of it.

Well, what's up with me? I might forgot to say how busy I am...or I'm too busy to say how busy I am...:-) Confused? I forgot to share that I'm no longer studying the Dutch language. I finished level 3 and I chose to stop and not to go further. I did my language exam for level 4, unfurtunately, I did'nt make it. Sorry folks..and sorry for myself. Well, I might say that it's still an achievement for my short stay here in the Netherlands ( 1 and half yr.), at least I managed to stand the challenge. I ended up my language study last summer.

Our front view of one of the last few sunny days of the summer.

Do you know what I did last summer? Aside from the fact that I mentioned above, I also worked. I did two different jobs in the past. First, I worked in the Distribution Center of Mexx, a big clothing/accessories line company in Europe. I was eager to put myself in a dutch speaking environment. It was a nice experience going out from my 'comfort zone' (english zone). I tried not to stay there long...just a taste how Dutch works :-) Omg! No mobilefones and keep your eyes to your boss...they are watching you or watch out the camera, big brother is following you :-( Anyways, people there are nice and helpful... It was also quite far from my home, located in Voorschoten.

Recently, I worked in a callcenter working with the english team located few steps away from the central station of
Rotterdam. It was a good experience though I prefer to stop,it is because I have no good chance to practice my dutch language. It's an international company with international agents...The longer I'll work there, the faster my speech declines. Now, I'm trying to look for another one.

The leaves' color of the trees changes through the autumn season, at the right photo.

Another new thing, on tuesday, I'm back to school. Oohh! I just said I stop right? But I decided to go to school for a new study. I'm enrolled for a 9-month administrative course in Fabius , an Office Management Institute here in Delft. FYI...the study is in Dutch instruction.

Every monday, I do have my swimming lessons. I regret to say that I did not take the opportunity of learning how to swim wayback in the Philippines when we lived nearby the sea coast. ( at least it will take my list shorter what to learn here :-() Hopefully next year, I can manage to start my driving lessons. Thanks that I have a lot of vitamins stocked in the cupboard.

I supposed to go to the Access office once in a week for my volunteer work. Apparently, I decided to stop this quarter and maybe resume on the coming spring next year. Speaking of this, do you know that I was awarded as the volunteer of the month last September? I worked with the layout team of the Access magazine. Open the pdf of our summer and autumn magazine. The city of Delft where I live is the cover page of the autumn issue. The honor was a surprise but I also gave credit to my colleague, who was very helpful to me.

I think I had a fruitful year this time despite the tears I shed though. Life is just too challenging to me that sometimes I missed its meaning. I know I'm brave. I had many battles in my back that I surpassed. Though in this fight, I'm the captain without soldiers to command to, only weapons of courage from love ones and God is my ever shield. I think I'm ready.

This is my year's agenda. Wish me luck!

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