Saturday, October 13, 2007

Online Tutorial

When I was in the Philippines, I used to give private lessons for elementary and secondary students as my sideline job :-) I was a tutor . There were also college students asked me to do so but I refused. I was actually offered to work as a college instructor but I simply said no to it. I was just afraid that my students will take advantage of me...Hahaha! (kidding aside) I had my own reasons though.

Tutoring was fulfilling but sometimes heart-breaking. I was deeply upset when my student failed. Sounds silly. It was just that I'm not used to academic failures. I had high flying honors since my prep until college. It was only that I was not able to hit the highest rank, magna cum laude but I was satisfied with its lower. I was not aiming it personally. It was just a matter of bonus point for me after 4 yrs of combatting against my teachers :-(

I gave lessons in English
, Science and in Mathematics. I also did basic Calculus. Well, this is just a piece of reminiscing old is because I just checked an Online Tutoring site. TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company in the world. They offer an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for a reasonable fee for all subjects - students can avail their various service as much as they want, whenever they need it. Tutoring is available 24X7. They also assist for test/exam preparations and provide Homework Help services. Sounds great. This makes education faster and more accessible than I think.

This might be my competitor then :-) There was a time I planned to start my own hands-on tutorial center. I have a friend who was also in tutorial job and with other smart friends :-) I was already vibrant to initiate it but I was just busy with my previous job. Anyways, I don't gave much focus to this, it was because I had fulltime job. It was too much for my little brain :-) I had a demanding job before in the provincial local government. That gave me little fraction of my time for miscellaneous stuff plus I had my romantic lovelife thousand miles apart that required high maintenance :-)

Anyways, I recommend Online Tutoring
. It is handy and easy. Parents and any other first hand help are undoubtedly plus factors. This is really one of the most innovative instructions presented by latest technology. Everyone is invited :-) Education is continuous learning. When you're uneasy, throw your doubts to your online teachers :-) Have a nice day!

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