Monday, October 22, 2007

Sports time!

I had tennis lessons and it was my physical exercise before I left for Netherlands. When I just arrived here, I simply missed it especially that I always pass tennis lawns and saw people playing. I'm not that good though and I'm definitely not Justine Henin here but I really had the stamina to strike a hollow rubber ball over a net into my opponent's court with this tiny arm of mine..

At the end of the day's work, I simply sneaked out from my boss's office and said goodbye to all that I need to get off at exact 5pm (closing office hr.). My coach will be waiting and I might pay the running time for that :-( Later, I already managed to play single or double with an officemate or other tennismates...who are kinda seniors of the club.

At that time, I was started wishing for a new and famous brand tennis racket. I don't owned one. I just used a handed down racket. My grandfather was a serious tennis player of his time. Few uncles and aunts inherited the skills. I just started ti get interested with the game since my mid twenties...Why? Maybe I already get over from my trauma of being hit by a baseball or from a basketball ball. What I have are lots of tennisballs...I can afford it...and so with tennis shoes and my pair white tennis suits.

Now, it's autumn, tennis clubs are opening. I would really like to join but I'm still persuading my dear to join with me and so as for refreshing lessons so we can play together. Is it that perfect? (if you have unfinished business...then bring it to the court....hahahah!) I would also like to try playing in a grass court (feel like Wimbledon) or clay court (like in a French Open)....ummmmh! Ambitiousa! In the Philippines, especially in the province, I used to play in a hard court, concreted by cement and some coated by asphalt... really rough surface that sometimes I had difficulty to reach and return the ball 'coz of slow motion...hehehe..I'm quite scared to run and leg scratches would be at stake.

I remembered my coach, Badminton!!!, he shouted, to remind me of my servings. I used to play badminton before, so it was an awkward shift. I served normally onderhand...and took me time to learn overhand... I don't know why, but I ended up smashing the air and fall the ball to my face. :-) To reach overrun balls was also hard at the start.

At this time of the year, indoor sports are now starting. However, tennis can be an indoor or outdoor. I would also like to try running in an open court...autumn temperature is bearable I will burn much energy enough to warm up your coldblooded nerves :-)

It is also amazing to observe that sports and body fitness is well supported in the Netherlands. You name the sports...and the flatland will offer. So far, I see no one here yet playing "tumbang preso" or "tumba lata", that's only in the Philippines I presumed.
It feels good to do stuff again that you used to do wayback two years ago. I will still consider it...but at the meantime, I will stick to my swimming lessons and do constant cycling...

Oooops...before I forgot...check Tennisplaza to see what kind of tennis racket I've wished for.

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