Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What is it in England?

I just have this question pondered, not now but a while ago. Apparently, I know what the reasons are but I would like to site one. Job opportunities. The diversity of this country especially its big cities like London, where employment rate is very high. In any sector, it might be in IT, medical, constuctions, teaching jobs, arts, caterings, research, sales, whatever...sure you will land any jobs in London.

I actually have two friends who moved in England for work opportunities. So, they just simply left us here in Holland and they started a new life there. They are simply happy and find some time to visit and treat us even...considering they earn more :-) hehehe.
The language of course is English. It's universal. It is somewhat a big factor why many people from all over the world have crossed to England or particularly in London. There's no language barrier for professionals not hindering them to establish their careers or start their desirable career path. Another thing is, the number of job vacancies has increased. Growth in average earnings, both excluding and including bonuses, has increased. Sounds good eh!

London jobs are not also difficult to find. Search 1000s of London jobs online. There are lots of online job tools totally free service to all jobseekers. Try this online job seeker for jobs in London.
Start your search now, like me :-) I had past works just around here...I just don't have much time to recap all my experiences but I would love to share it...whenever :-)

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career jobs in davao said...

"There is no place like home.." searching for a greener pasture abroad is good but i still want to stay here with my family. there are lots of opportunities here in the Philippines. it is not about getting ahead. little by little by hard work and perseverance we will still reap what we sow. :-)