Thursday, November 29, 2007

Forgetful: a symptom

I'm surprise how forgetful I am. It's acceptable to forget somebody's name that you just met for a split of minute and meet only once in a blue moon :-) Can you forgive me if I forget your birthday? I think yes...just try to make up, but what I can't accept is simply forget the day's date. Omg! I forgot that yesterday was wednesday and I was doing my thursday activity in one day advance and even busy planning for the following day, thinking it's friday.

Maybe it was the effect of my dentist nonstop changing of my appointment. Hmmmn. I used to save the date for my dental regular check up and just for a strange change, I received two different calls requesting me to change my appointment. The dentist is out! My appointment always falls on wednesday. So, I move it now to thursday. I hope the change will pay.

Does it also happens to you? Is this a sign of aging? I'm about to hit the crucial 30's. Well, I don't know if this is serious, but how many times last summer that I spent many times searching for my sunglasses wherein it was peacefully sitting on top of my head. Ridiculous but it seems that the time is what I mean?

I have my electronic agenda/planner via my fone syncronizing to my outlook calendar but still doesn't help me. I have a calendar hanging inside of our wc (water closet). My mobilefone alarms to remind me but it seemed to be not working. Hmmmm. Sounds not yet desperating but it worries me. I have to set an action plan. What? To take a good and sound sleep. I think, I was just tired...maybe it's time to arrange a therapuetic thermal bad. Just like a special treat in Sanadome. Uhmmmn. I can also do an aromatic bath at home. How about after this post?

I would say, that I'm not really good of dates like histories, remembering ones' birthday, but I won't forget that I was married in April fool's day...heheheh (joke). I won't forget how special it was during one beautiful spring day.

There are many reasons associated with memory loss. Try to google it. I won't enumerate them. Others also said that memory lapses might be just an excuse for someone who don't like to remember. Hmmmn. Playing forgetful? That is certainly a bad habit.

The modern world we live in makes many demands on us. Sometimes it seems as if the pressure to do more, be more, and produce more never stops. It is not surprising then, that the balance between inner and outer life is tricky to maintain. The pace of living has become hectic. As a result, our head (sanity) spins out of our reach. Well, forgetfulness is not yet a serious symptom of insanity. Heheheh. What we need is to release all the junk from within. Let our brain pick up its sensors of organizing (there are lots of rooms in our brain to be checked)...then our memory faculty will be restored and revived...only if you'll have some time for body rest.

Anyways, I think this is not yet a disease. I can still manage to survive. Only that there are days that we're so hyperactive, a kind of imbalance that we forget to live the day and subconsciously we like to bring up the future out of our own will. Our mind faculty just don't rest and tried to work continously jumping off to its limit. It means, that I have to adapt to my body rythm and not trying to over rule what the body can't.

What do you think? Am I right? Or am I just justisfying how forgetful I am...or maybe I will blame it by too much drinking coffee. Maybe I'll shift to decaf but not so soon :-)

Note: Just read this article about diagnosis of being forgetful .

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Gretel said...

hi ams! i've read your blog over and over again. am so happy i found this write up of yours. i will be reading the article diagnosis of being forgetful. thank you for that. i think it would be helpful because lately ive been suffering from that sort of thing. nice posts oh rather great posts! keep on. all the bests:)