Thursday, December 27, 2007

December capsule IV

We just seen a ballet performance of Het Grootste Zwanenmeer ter Werld (Swan Lake) at the RAI Theatre in Amsterdam. It was spectacular. It was my first time ever that I saw a live stage ballet. Adriaan was his fourth time, but we both enjoyed the show.
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We had a good but expensive seat in the theatre (tickets were courtesy from my in-laws). It was breathtaking. I can see the faces of the performers and all their synchronized movements. The show had two breaks, so they divided the play into three plots/parts.

The story is based on the classic tale of young Prince Siegfried, who falls in love with the Swan Queen, Odette. Poor Odette is cursed for all time by the evil Rothbart. She is destined to remain a woman during the day but a swan at night until rescued by the power of love.

Enthralled by her beauty, the Prince pledges his undying love, but is tricked by the evil sorcerer into declaring his love for Odile, Odette's evil twin.
When he discovers the ruse, the horrified prince rushes back to the lake where he battles Rothbart and destroys his power.

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The performance combined the most perfect harmony between the music and the choreography in the history of dance - a beautiful story about the struggle of good and evil. And a great love story as well. However, there are different versions in the ending of the story. In this performance, the queen was destroyed by the evil. The queen died and the prince carried her and they both thrown themselves to the lake. It was still a happy ending since they meet each other in heaven.

For this production, the company has made a concept - with classical sets, costumes, backdrops and staging. The whole effects, in visual and in musical were splendid.

There were 48 swans/performers from the Tsjaikovsky Perm Ballet from Russia, where the best ballet performers came from. They are world performers. As of the record, the company has the greatest number of swans ever performed that highlighted the show.

Tickets are still available at Topticketline and will be performed until 6 january 2008.

Monday, December 24, 2007

December capsule III

Snow...snow... It snowed in the Netherlands. It lasted for two nights at least. This winter is colder than last year.

I smiled it is because, I always wanted to snow. I just had a quick shot here or else I might freeze too.

The first day of mother in law picked me up at home. We went together to Makro (a big warehouse) for some stuff. On our took the nicest route to drive through and we can spot the white scenic views. I took pictures while I was inside of the car but they were not just sharp...I'm still glad that I took them...(above fotos).

It was just a tired day...that I was not able to get out and have a walk. I just tried to take more pictures from our flat...(pictures just right above).

It was really beautiful. The watercanals were frozen...Adriaan's nephews are skating in the frozen canals in 't Woudt (where my parents in law live) and where I would like to go but Adriaan was just not feeling well.

I'm hoping this will happen again. Anyways, the weather in the Netherlands is just so changeable. Now, the temperature is 5C . Just few more droppings...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

December capsule II

I watched Evita, the musical play held at the New Luxor Theater in Rotterdam courtesy from my work.

I was excited though it's my first time to watch a musical play here in Holland and to think that it's a world renowned play. The book and lyrics by Tim Rice and this is based on the life of Eva Peron, the infamous first lady of Argentina. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.The original Broadway production opened on 25 September 1979 and was directed by Harold Prince, with choreography by Larry Fuller, running for 1567 performances. Originally produced as a concept recording, the original West End production opened on 21 June 1978. A film version was released in 1997 where Madonna played Evita and Antonio Banderas as Che Guevarra.

I also watched the film and I have at home a Dvd which was also a gift from our boss. Luckily, I knew the story, or else I might not understand the play. :-) The songs are all translated in Dutch...expecting that the rise and fall of the melodies are just quite difficult to follow. Brigitte Heitzer who played as Evita has a great voice. She won last time in the AVRO tv programme"Op zoek naar Evita" (Searh for Evita) of Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties.

It was actually a work night-out. We had dinner at Liepzig restaurant inside of the theater. My colleagues were just curious to ask me if I can follow and understand the play 'coz even them, have difficulty listening to the music. The orchestra was just hard...well, the first part of the plot was quite full of strong emotions that made the music harder. But in the second part was already slowly to softened since of the low-variations of feelings of the story. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the performance.

The evening was so beautiful and I was also impressed with the architectural design of the theater. I did'nt have a photo since I was just a bit reluctant to disrupt my Dutch colleagues in their serious mood. Hehehe! They looked allergic and skeptical from the camera flash...but at the end of the play, our boss gathered us in the big hall and took a group picture just with a big christmas tree background. They have no escape but at least I was relieved. :-)

The New Luxor Theatre is one of the biggest amusement theatres in the Netherlands and home to various forms of entertainment including musical, cabaret, opera, revue and dance for international and local audiences. The ambience of the theater was really perfect for the night. The location has the excellent waterfront view of the world port, the Erasmus bridge as the skyline of Rotterdam and from there is just the Hotel New York stands.

Surprisingly, when we went out from the theater, it was a complete white evening. It snowed. I've waited for snow and just happened at the late evening. I sighed...I had no time to take a photo coz we're already hurrying going inside of our bus...I was hoping to take a photo when I arrived in Delft....Surprisingly again! Mr. Snowman was not yet in Delft....Uuhmmmm.

The next morning...I woke up and when I looked out the window....I just saw white. At last...the snow arrived :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

December capsule I

I was quite busy this month of December. A lot of things happened, like surprises ( of any sorts, gifts or problems :-(, sickness, misunderstandings, parties etc.). In short...tired and exhausted. Anyhow, I'm back and I'm trying to recap my past few weeks and I'm even inspired by this photo I captured few weeks ago.

I took this magnificent sunset view from our flat.

To start with, on the first day of this month, we had a nice evening with my 3 sister-in-laws and my mother in law. We had dinner together in the Pakhuis, a cozy restaurant in Delft. We called the night as girls' night-out. Girls' talk in between with a superb meal served in the table. It was an exclusive time for us...backbiting over our hubbies :-) Hehehhe. joke. That night was special and we would like to do it next time in the coming year.

The next day I decorated my christmas tree. Too early here in Holland but quite later than in the Philippines. This time, I bought a plastic one (practically wise) unlike last year that I had a 6 footer real pine tree.

We had celebrated the Sinterklas last december 5. We had many surprises received from Sint. It was time to feel like a kid. Hehehe...opening your gifts.

The unwrapping of gifts...

I have some regular meet-ups with few friends from the church. Last 11th was the Lichtjes avond ( light evening) in the city. It was the evening that the big christmas tree standing in the market square of the city was lighted to welcome the yuletide season.

The big christmas tree in the market square just officialy lighted up at exactly 7pm by the city mayor. It was blessed with a pleasant weather, where a very big and full-packed crowd gathered.

The church where I regularly attend, joined the activity. We setted up an information stand about the church. The night was glorious especially inside of the Oude kerk (old church). There were musical presentations and plays.

The following days were scheduled visits for families and friends.

I still used to manage my school schedule in which I just had my pre-exam last 18th.

The above image is a manger with people playing as Mary and Joseph with several sheperds and a camel.
Photo below is the aligned old buildings along the Oude Delft canal displaying their lights to highlight this one of the most historical canals of the city.

And you know what... I just grabbed a part time job in the housekeeping department of the Leeuwenbrug Hotel, just here in Delft. I just work for 3 1/2 hour for 3 days a week. It's also a nice experience, and I meet new people where I have the chance to enrich my Dutch vocabulary. I have a mixed environment of co-workers like students, mothers, old, youngs and of course international guests. This' also something to pack up my time. The hotel is just less than 15 minutes by bike, an advantage not to back out. So far, this job is better than sitting in the cabin of the callcenter where I last worked. Great :-)

Check out my next activity in my next post. I'm trying to capsulate them as far as I can remember. Have a happy vacation and a festive December :-)