Monday, December 24, 2007

December capsule III

Snow...snow... It snowed in the Netherlands. It lasted for two nights at least. This winter is colder than last year.

I smiled it is because, I always wanted to snow. I just had a quick shot here or else I might freeze too.

The first day of mother in law picked me up at home. We went together to Makro (a big warehouse) for some stuff. On our took the nicest route to drive through and we can spot the white scenic views. I took pictures while I was inside of the car but they were not just sharp...I'm still glad that I took them...(above fotos).

It was just a tired day...that I was not able to get out and have a walk. I just tried to take more pictures from our flat...(pictures just right above).

It was really beautiful. The watercanals were frozen...Adriaan's nephews are skating in the frozen canals in 't Woudt (where my parents in law live) and where I would like to go but Adriaan was just not feeling well.

I'm hoping this will happen again. Anyways, the weather in the Netherlands is just so changeable. Now, the temperature is 5C . Just few more droppings...

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