Thursday, December 27, 2007

December capsule IV

We just seen a ballet performance of Het Grootste Zwanenmeer ter Werld (Swan Lake) at the RAI Theatre in Amsterdam. It was spectacular. It was my first time ever that I saw a live stage ballet. Adriaan was his fourth time, but we both enjoyed the show.
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We had a good but expensive seat in the theatre (tickets were courtesy from my in-laws). It was breathtaking. I can see the faces of the performers and all their synchronized movements. The show had two breaks, so they divided the play into three plots/parts.

The story is based on the classic tale of young Prince Siegfried, who falls in love with the Swan Queen, Odette. Poor Odette is cursed for all time by the evil Rothbart. She is destined to remain a woman during the day but a swan at night until rescued by the power of love.

Enthralled by her beauty, the Prince pledges his undying love, but is tricked by the evil sorcerer into declaring his love for Odile, Odette's evil twin.
When he discovers the ruse, the horrified prince rushes back to the lake where he battles Rothbart and destroys his power.

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The performance combined the most perfect harmony between the music and the choreography in the history of dance - a beautiful story about the struggle of good and evil. And a great love story as well. However, there are different versions in the ending of the story. In this performance, the queen was destroyed by the evil. The queen died and the prince carried her and they both thrown themselves to the lake. It was still a happy ending since they meet each other in heaven.

For this production, the company has made a concept - with classical sets, costumes, backdrops and staging. The whole effects, in visual and in musical were splendid.

There were 48 swans/performers from the Tsjaikovsky Perm Ballet from Russia, where the best ballet performers came from. They are world performers. As of the record, the company has the greatest number of swans ever performed that highlighted the show.

Tickets are still available at Topticketline and will be performed until 6 january 2008.

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