Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentine's day

Everyday is a love day. Though our week is quite busy but still we tried to do something special. Not to get pressured that Cupid is hunting hearts tomorrow but just try do things out of your typical day. So what's up with us?

Today is just so nontypical. Hubby took a day-off. The weather dropped at 2D and will be freezing tonight. It's not so inviting to go out. I think we will be hanging up at home. We like to see a movie but we are lazy to drive going to Den Haag.

At home is cluttered with papers and stuff. I'm busy packing gifts for people does'nt know that they will receive it :-) Surprise as it is being called.
I don't have a gift for hubby but I already gave him my greeting card last saturday with a poem in it. A Dutch poem that I browsed in the internet. That goes...

"Je bent mijn valentijn" (You are my valentine)

"Vandaag hou ik van je, (today, I love you)
morgen nog een stukje meer. (tommorow is even more)
Ik denk dat het elke dag zo zal zijn, (I think that everyday would be like that)
elke dag weer. (everyday again)

Je hebt geen idee wat je voor me betekent, ( you have no idea what is it meant for me)
en wat je met me doet. ( and what you've done to me)
Ik ben echt gek op je, (I'm crazy for you)
lief, jij maakt alles goed. (love, you make everything good)

Nog maar 25 maanden bij elkaar, (Being just 25 months together)
en toch al zo vertrouwd. (but even so promising)
in goede en slechte tijden, (in good and bad times)
vergeet nooit dat ik van je hou." (forget me not that I love you)

I found it sweet. I edited some of the lines since it was so long and no enough space in the card.
I received Adriaan's gift, 2 books. They are very sweet books entitled, "Van de schaduw en het licht" (Of the shadow and light) and "Ik heb je lief" (I love you), all are written pieces of the late famous Dutch writer Toon Hermans . Though I need to get myself hammered with the Dutch texts.

Anyways, whatever our plans today would be, is special. Everyday is special. What I know for sure tonight is a shot of tequila :-)

I love you Ian and to all our parents/families and friends. Happy heart's day everyone.

Valentine\'s Day

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