Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wind blows while trucks move...

I was rattling going to the elavator yesterday to go the basement and to pick up my bike. The weather was so unfriendly. Adriaan missed his bus since his car was locked up in their company's parking garage. He needed to go by bus but unfurtunately, he needs to wait for 30 minutes for the next trip. Oh boy!

My fon rang and it was my classmate. I thought she called to tell me she won't go to school but then, she offered me a lift in her car. What a kind gesture. So I went out from the basement and waited for her outside. I called Adriaan whos' atop to come down and have a hitch. So in the end, we, the Huijsings had a pleasant ride. Me going to school, and Adriaan to the tram station.

The wind was blowing hard and the rain was freely pouring without care. Thanks for the lift I thought. But when, we arrived just in the junction close to our school, we could not pass. There was a big truck mover. A family just moved. I can't imagined moving in that weather. When I looked at our can't believed it. Another huge truck mover. Why people are moving...or leaving?

I can't stop thinking about it. After our class, my classmate liked to drive around the city. I think she just like to drive longer than she planned since I was there :-). Then along the way, I saw a lot of constructions, actually a new residential and commercial site. It seemed that realtors are booming this year. In the city of Delft, new realties are just around. Even in our back of our neighborhood, is a big construction site now.

Well, I was just amazed. No wonder that ads in paper or hanging outside for a property for sale, homes for sale (te koop) or house for rent (te huur). A lot of newly built properties now, I think it's also a boost result of the government helping the housing sector to built up lower mortgages. Hmmmm...I feel like to move...but for sure not during on this wet, windy and freezing day. Not now but one of the coming years :-)

Thanks Ftima for the lift :-h. Through the ride, I got this post. Have a nice day though.

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