Sunday, March 16, 2008

Retro: Fly to the Philippines part 1

This is a flashback of my trip to the Philippines dated feb 14-march 13. As what I've said in my last post, I was busy packing of gifts...for who was a surprise. I flew right on valentine's day. Husband and I made up before that day :-) That made sense when I wrote that it was nontypical. Nevertheless, I went back to my native land 12 days ahead than hubby. Hoped to spend great time.

On the day of my flight, I had already trouble at Schipol airport in Amsterdam. I knew I was stupid but just like a bull, I was quite hard headed. I brought a luggage about 60kgs, three times from the allowed checked-in luggage. I knew, but I took risk to grab a chance to bring it for free. I was allowed to bring a free excess checked luggage of 10 kgs. Not bad with a carry on luggage of 15 kgs. Hubby was dissappointed to me how pushy I was. He told me already to send my baggage via parcel..and he ended up bringing my excess baggage back home. It was not nice for him. Sorry dear. I begged him to bring it with him when he fly later. But he did'nt promised...(he doesn't like to pack his suitcase full of soaps and chocos heh).

These are miniature gifts (as our wedding giveaways) inside of my luggage.

A group picture with my college friends.

My visit was supposed to be a surprise but not anymore to my family but still to my friends. All my friends were surprise, that I love the idea. Imagine, a friend of mine just arrived from work, complaining about her day and just a minute I bumped into her to say Hi. I could not picture their faces when they saw me. They screamed as if I was a ghost and shook me to death with big loud smiles and unbreathable hugs.

So what made my days busy in there? It was full of family and friendly visits. For about two years that I did'nt returned since I got married. I decided to make my visit a feast, just to share and celebrate the happy moments I have in Holland (and even bad times). I liked to spend time with my parents of course, and have apart time with friends mentioning hi-school and college buddies. Just a typical pinoy feasts we had. I was also a typical balik-bayan. I had a lot of mesmerizing moments. Adding to what I miss is our food like sweet mangoes, native chicken bbq and my mother's special pancit. Hahaha! I gained 3 kgs. Not bad at all. Actually, those are yummies for me that delight my gastronomy. Other foods were just a plus. A piece of crisp lechon skin was also satisfying but then I could'nt just sacked them in my average stomach. I'm a food person at the same time I would like to enjoy my food by savoring the taste up to my last bite. Aside from food, our famous videoke (video singing which is popular among Asean countries) did'nt escape from my agenda. Well, to think that I can't do it here in Holland or else our neighboor will send a police to reprimand me, so better do it in the Philippines, whether you shout out loud till your tongue drops, nobody will stop you but only your conscience.

So far, I maximized my first 12 days before hubby will arrive. I tried to do things according to my plan and I was also being spontaneous though.

Another thing, I was not just enjoying but also complaining (hmmmm, am I now Dutchified?). Definitely, I complained about the weather. Soooo hot. No way but to rush going in to shopping malls for free airconditioning. I was then had a thought about of our thinning ozone layer. Anyways, no time to act on it, ( I'm on state visit este family visit :-) but desperately sighed. The busy streets and loud horns were annoying. Sometimes, its threatening to me that I would like to stay home aside from the tremendous increase of prices...:-) Oh my...not to mention how expensive goods are...I refrained to shop...hoped I won't give up.

My trip was not a vacation at all. I was not relaxed but I was happy to see again the place where I spent my grown-up years. Nice to see familiar faces and places. It was also comforting to do things where I was being used of doing at. Riding jeepneys, tricycles ( a motorcycle with a cab), buses and taxis. I did'nt bike for a month. No wonder that I weigh more than I expected.

I did more things but I won't enumerate all of them :-) Summing up, I had a good time. Next post, is my time when hubby joined with me. Actually, its our first time to be away of each other. Now, we could'nt wait to be backed with each other's arm after 12 days...

Keep on track. Hehehe.(I'll post more pictures later. I'll just need to rest and study for my exam tomorrow).