Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Retro: Fly to the Philippines part 2

It took me a while to post this entry. This might be long overdue but I would still like to recap my visit in the Philippines as part of my journal here. When I arrived back in Holland, I was so busy with my exam. Believe it or not, I did it again. I passed and now I'm ongoing to the next module, and hopefully I will be finished in the late summer.

To add from that, just after my exam I jumped to a new parttime job to add to my exploration here while digging up the labor market. I'm working now in a museum of Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles , worldwide famous of producing handmade earthenware (named after the city of Delft where I live) like the Delftblue porceleineware. I work in the brassierie...maybe anyone of you will bump into a cup of coffee with a Dutch apple taart, then just say hi to me :-), when you pay your bills later.

We're approaching the city of Mati. We drove a long-way round to hit that island in my back.

Where we are? Ok, let's go to my pinoy getaway. Since, I was busy with family and friends visit, I even tried to explore a bit of my childhood province, Davao Oriental. There, I plunged to the crystal-blue water. We crossed the island of Waniban by boat. A small island fronting Masao beach, in the far-east end in the city of Mati.

We're in the island of Waniban. Fronting is the Masao beach where we departed.

My family. It's not obvious that they were excited :-)This island is not yet well-explored by the locals and tourist alike, since of it's high end location. It's nice to spend a whole day here. The boat is chartered at a reasonable price.

When I was like 6 years old, we used to come here. This once a port, where ships docked for loading of timber. We used to buy chocolates and ice creams in the ship. But now, the port is empty since the logging industry was closed. Nowadays, local fishermen sell their catch here. This bay is sometimes used as a shelter port for fishingboats whenever there's typhoon.

Before I left for the Netherlands, I used to work in this province. Somehow, this place is closed to me. I grew up here since my tender years until we moved when I was 10 yrs old. In my mid twenties, I went back to this province to work. I have families here though some are quite distant relatives but I used to see them and introduced myself as daughter of Maria or granddaughter of the late Tibo. Everytime we saw each other, they said I looked different, that made self introduction never ends.

Nevertheless, I did not ever forget to mark this place as one of my destination whenever I get back home. My hubby came here for the third time. He liked this place. Davao Oriental is just quite with a natural beauty of tranquility. Beaches, forest, and the natural curves of the mountains are what we like and I surely miss. Whenever, we decided to build our nest in the Philippines, this province is gonna be a top choice for our future paradise.
After a short weekend there, we drove back to Davao City and eventually, had a short stop in Panabo City where my parents live.

Next post is anything about of my trip. See yuh!

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