Thursday, April 03, 2008

Retro: Fly to the Philippines part 3

What I did more and where I was during my visit? As what I remembered until now, I was always in the swimming pool with my husband most of our mornings. During my first weeks, I stayed with my parents and eventually moved to a hotel when my hubby arrived.

We went to the beach in Davao City with my family.
We played bowling with friends and we even had the chance to visit my college campus. It was great seeing it again.

I went out from this College year 1999.

We ate in different places, some are new to me and others are familiar. We managed to arrange our schedules and even have sometime to spend time in our own.

Once I took a jeepney just to go around the city while hubby was enjoying his own time alone. I was really reminiscing but then in some point I became poignant when I was caught in between of 15-20 minutes traffic jam. I just walked out and mumbling how terrible it was. I walked along the avenue and felt my watery-skin. Omg! I sweated. I was consistently looking where to get airconditioning...there I saw a shopping mall at the end junction. I rushed to get in to cool down. Though I was reluctant to stay there longer. I missed malls but I had a weird feeling of discomfort. I couldn't walked fast inside of the mall. I did but then I realized that I looked odd. I looked like being chased in the midst of peoples' staring eyes. People walk so slowly and flauntly. Blamed it to the cold season of the West. I ended up going back to the hotel and waited hubby for our dinner date.

We visited few restaurants that are owned by Dutch. One was the De Boerderij (The Farm). It's a country-style resto-bar. They have a lot of burgers to choose from. We had a great time there and had a chance to talk the owners (by a filipina-dutch couple). It's located along McArthur Hi-way, Matina, Davao City.

Another restaurant owned by a Dutch entrepreneur is De Bonte Koe (The colorful cow) at Rizal Street. They have interesting menu but I preferred to eat something that I can't eat in Holland. So we did'nt eat a complete meal there. We just liked to check out those places and we're curious how it looks...if it's just gezellig (cosy) as in Holland :-) Indeed it was.

It was our great surprised to know these places. There are only few foreigners in Davao and surprising to learn that there are two Dutch-inspired ones. The mentioned restaurants are good and they are great to spend time and money for.

We went to movies. We watched My Big love and I ended up a translator to hubby. 27 Dresses was also a catched. We visited a Children's Home Foundation that provides care and shelter to children.

It's funded by a Dutch organization here in Holland.

Everytime we went back to our hotel, we're tired...then tried to plan the next day...(Dutch way :-) Thanks that we had an accomodating hotel for our 12 night-stay in The Apoview .

We had a good but tiring time during our visit in the Philippines. All at once, we tried to spend time with families and friends. The next visit might be more of vacation but for now, we're thinking for a real vacation. I'm still planning where but I feel that I have to. After my visit in the Philippines, I think I need to unstress...:-)

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