Friday, April 04, 2008

Sunburned in Asia...chilled in Schipol...

Fotos were in Singapore. Still warm and winding...

When I arrived back in Holland, it was cold and a freezing week. Can you imagine how it feels, when you just came from a sunny 30D island?

We flew via Singapore. We still had about 4 hours transit time, so utilized it going around the Merlion city. Singapore is overwhelming in terms of shopping. Malls are skycrapers and shoppers are just crossing and buying mad anywhere. No wonder it's now become the shopping hub of Asia.

My tropical smile ended up when I landed in Schipol. Even a frowning face drawn in my face when some in my bagage was confiscated. Well, just take it off from the record, I brought something that is out of Dutch taste. Ummmm...some of them was already screened out at Changi airport in Singapore. Anyways, I walked out and had chilled ankles. I was just wearing a summer jacket :-( to think that it was still winter in the flatland. I thought that I had much heat absorbed from the solar. Hahaha! It didn't help but we arrived home sound and safe.

It was friday morning. I had jetlag. I wasn't able to sleep in the plane. We even ended up drinking cocktails while on board but sleep was too far away to reach. The next day was a party of a friend. We still managed to show up. Then it was sunday, for church. I was there to ask prayer for my exam on tuesday. God helped me out. I passed my exam as what I've said last time...

When we were away, the weather in the Netherlands was also very bad. It was stormy, wet, windy and very very cold. Even when we got back, we still had our share.

Then, I was just lucky. It did'nt snow but then just when I got back, it snowed. I got chance to enjoy it again.

These pictures were took just at the nearer park of our neighborhood. See? How pret I was? Snow bum :-) Well, at this time, my sunburn was just healing.

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