Monday, May 12, 2008

Got my sunblock on...

Not surprise at all !
The temperature now rises...summer is in the air. Too quicky for the spring and felt sad for the spring blossoms so soon to disappear. It's a week of high sun now. Last saturday we had a boat cruise along the canals of Den Haag (the city of the parliament seat).

Picture was taken during the boat tour. A hat may also help plus SPF.

We were under the sun for a one and half hour. Before that day, I had already cycle until I got flat wheels. Then yesterday, was another biking day. So what had happened? I'm running out now of sunblock. It's just so beautiful to go out from the house but enough to be geared against the sunrays.

I'm dependent with natural skin care products. When I was in the Philippines for vacation, I went back here in Holland with spots of sunburn. It was'nt because I've run out of protection but I was lazy to put sunblock on. Now, I have to learn my lesson. I think anyone will agree. Any will do but especially organic cosmetics will help. I'm trying to buy new. I hope tomorrow after my class. Lip balms and sunblock cream are my essentials with SPF 20 or higher.

For many of us, even boys are not exempted to this. My hubby has sensitive skin and can not withstand the sun without any sunshield. We are helping each other...sharing each others shadow. Hehehe!

A shadow under the tree also helped :-) when we were in 't Woudt.

Today, I just got home from work. I even noticed my feet. It's like reddish brown :-) Hehehe. I wore a strappy flat I had it exposed. Hmmmm. I'm sad to my skin. It's looks like aging. But I can't help it not to enjoy the warm day. Well, just a dose of sunny tip, not to forget skin cream in your get-up . Some products have components of anti-aging . Well, for me it doesn't matter as long as I will not look like a roasted peanut at the end of the day.

Enjoy the end spring and your early summer!

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