Monday, August 11, 2008

Maria's back

Hi everyone. I felt sorry that I'm not writing for a quite time. I miss my journal and I think I have so much to tell and to wrap up before I would totally forget to bind it in my online memory.

So what's up?

First, I would like to say that I have already recieved my diploma of my 9 month course of Administratief Medewerkster (in Dutch instruction). I'm still considering to pursue a 4-month Secretarial course by September depending on the following consequences that I will mention later :-)

Second, I'm still busy with my parttime work in Delft Blauw Museum and the coming days I have an extra work that will occupy my saturdays.

Third, I just turned 30. Hoera! We had a nice tour in a 500 year old castle. Not so much changes but I feel so right at my ageline.

, we were busy re-aligning and re-arranging our home fixtures. I was busy googling and internet shopping. I was hooking for a reasonable price at my own product/good preferences. It was not an easy job...when Mr. Google gives you thousands of preferences. I'm not yet even finished...till now I'm busy searching for best buys.

Next, I just started my driving lesson. On wednesday, I'll be driving again. So far, I had a good start at HappyDrive Drivingschool. Wish me luck!

Then, finally I've submitted my articles for the Access autumn issue. My materials are ready and just beat the deadline. I'll give the link when it's publish online.

Then, we were also busy doing some committed appointments for family, friends and even for ourselves. It's always romantic to spend good time with each other. Going to movies is one of our hangouts followed with a candle light, hearty dinner. We enjoyed biking together and do picnics in the park. We just discovered a nice park. A scenic hideaway.

At the Schouwen coast, province of Zeeland.

, I'm still busy googling for our next vacation. We always have a problem, to agree about our destination. Planning a trip is just even hard for me. Our last planned trip was cancelled coz I was just tired to make our itinerary. We are eyeing for a trip in Southern Europe, just to catch Mr. Sunshine by September. I have a lot in my list. Somewhere in South part of Spain and Italy, Turkey, Malta or Cyprus. Anyone can suggest where we can have a dip in the sea, lying along the beach , a walk in a greenery and a little of city lights.

Finally, the last but not the least, by February 2009, with God's grace, we are expecting our first baby :-) I'm now on my 14th week of pregnancy. Check out my new Pregnancy Journal . This is the first reason that made me busy throughout my days. Just visit the link for my pregnancy updates. Help us pray for a healthy baby :-) So, my further schooling will depend how my schedule and my pregnancy allow.

So much for this entry, I would post later as much as I could.

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