Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maria's tummy

Hi everyone! For the record, my tummy is now 5 months old. I'm about to end my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. My dailies is even more exciting. Soft movements inside of my tummy is now remarkable. It's really special...believe me :-)

As usual, Im tight up with my schedule. My parttime work...my driving lesson and running our errands. Hmmmnn...Even baby sked is now up to my agenda. It's quite busy nowadays. I decided now not to go to school for further professional study. I just coudn't do it along with other things. I'm already in and out of my swimming lesson but I would really try to do it deligently when I'm back after vacation. It's not because I'm busy but the reason that I just don't like to wear my two piece swimsuit with my bulging stomach :-) Luckily, I just bought a pregnancy tankini. Just on time for a beach treat this late summer.

By mid-December I'll start a pregnancy gymnastic course. It could be more fascinating I think :-)
Most of my colleagues now know that I'm preggy. Some just did'nt noticed it until I told them. One said that she's ashamed of her tummy which is bigger than mine...hehehheh!

So far so good. I tried to enjoy this special time. Anyone surrounds me is very supportive. Many of them already gave baby stuff. Many are handed-downs which are just good as new. As of press time, our baby room is almost ready :-) Are we not obvious? We already know our baby's gender...but then we will just keep it with close friends and family. Hopefully I will download our filmed 19th week ultrasound sometime. Just keep on track at my pregnancy journal.

Next time I'll try to share my driving escapade. It's something to jot down how's being an automobolist here in the Netherlands. I'll try when I have sometime after our vacation. Where we going? We will fly to the land of Flamengo, tapas and bull fighting :-) in Spain. There I would like to check out the roots of our former conquerors. Well, not to mention the Spanish occupation to the Philippines, where my forefathers had their 'buenas gracias, noches' great influence. It's something, right? Anyway, it's our plan to rest there and do something else that we can't here in the flatland.

I'll post pictures later. uhmmm...I think I've promised many things here. We will just see :-)

Bye for now.


sheilamarie said...

congratulations!!! i'm entering my 7th month now as well =) good health to both you and the baby

the spool artist said...

congrats and good luck on the pregnancy, maria! i hope you don't have weird cravings like my wife did... we were already living here in cambodia on her 2nd trimester when she was asking for siopao from Hen Lin and Pancit Luglug from Buddy's. it was hell over earth! hahaha...

please don't give your husband a hard time too!

cheers from cambodia!

Gretel said...

hi ams! after a long delay, here i am again making a new entry in my blog and reading your blog seems to put a lot of smile on my face :):) am happy to read the good news... you are now on the your 7th month, i suppose. i believe you will be blessed with a beautiful baby to bring joy to your family. all the best to and for you. - gretel.

Anonymous said...