Sunday, October 21, 2007

Interactive Trip Planner

I was already sharing this to you in my past entries about a
trip planner. Realtravel offers a free trip planner . I just forgot to say that this trip planner is voted as the one of the twelve essential travel sites by Forbes and best of web for trip planning by BusinessWeek. It's not only a travel guide but at the same time a trip planner.

The services is cool to me. But what is a trip planner? It is the scheduled trip you created beforehand where you choose and make your personal intineraries. Here, first you build it up by adding any number of destinations to your itinerary. Organize and date your itinerary. See your itinerary on a dynamic route map. You are saving your travel research in one place. Get travel guide information from Frommer's for free. You can even add insights from real travelers who have been there in your respective destinations. You can add your own notes and useful links from other sites. There, you can share your plan, save it and email it to friends and family.

You can plan and wide your imaginations of what kind of a travel or vacation you like. Any trip using public transport or for hired vehicles are possible. Just enter in where you from and to locations, and Realtravel provides you with trip options including maps, guides, route diagrams, travel blogs and reviews that might also help you.

Any destinations are just a click away of your mouse. From Europe, to America, to Asia and to any continents you like to go is just ready for you to explore. I'm going to Asia, to my beloved native land, Philippines. I already have my ticket :-) Later, I will send my itinerary :-)

Check this tag from my past blog entry: Interactive Travel Guide

Goede reis allemaal! (Happy trip to all!).

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