Monday, June 16, 2008

What bugs me!

I was not feeling well for the past few weeks. Till now I am coughing and got a flu. I'm still observing if my doctor's prescription will help me better. Well, I just opened up my page, I'm quite sad not to update it every now and then. Sorry folks...but thanks for all your visits here viewing how this page build about my walks ins and outs.

There are many subjects I used to post here but now, I forgot what are those. Anyways, I'll just like to note that I'm fine :-) I'm still busy with my parttime work and now preparing for my exam next week. After my exam, summer vacation will start and that also means that I would be busy seeking activities to fill up my spare time. It can be anything. Hobby, work, maybe travelling, but certainly no dating :-), only exclusive for family, friends and my man.

.....ummmh, I'm trying to think what I did last time. OK. Just also note that about my last entry tag: Cinema trip . Just check it. I topped all the movies that I mentioned. I watched them out but not the film Away from Her. I was already late to catch it in the cinema.

Giving recommendations these movies I will mention that I watched recently:

We watched this last night. I'm not really a fan of SJP but I'm much an admirer of her own signature scent Lovely, very feminine, chic and timeless fragrance that I'm patronizing for two years now.

1. Sex and the City Movie - Based on the famous tv series. Funny, sexy and glamourous.
2. The Kite Runner - Based on the novel of an Afghan author. Heart-breaking movie brought by war and violence.
3. The Bucket List - Very warm and real people in the movie about two aged man facing a real life challenge.

The following are animated entertaining and funny movies except Persepolis.

1. Horton Hears a Who!
2. Bee movie
3. Persepolis -this movie is banned in lebanon, curious to watch why?
4.The Simpsons Movie

We watched more movies, but then I forgot now. Well, I'm still hitting the billboard what to watch next time.

P.S. I'm also a great expectator of the European World Football Championship. I'm cheering for the Netherlands. Check out this link for the world cup news.

Till then...

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