Saturday, August 04, 2007

Summer treat.....

Our view during the first week dark of summer.

I am too slow these days even weeks now. This might be a slow motion effect brought by the summer heat? The first early weeks of summer was deliberately disappointing when we were showered by surprised rain. The weather in the Netherlands so to speak technically forecasted and yet so unpredictable. Since last spring was a kind of hello-summer, the sun was playing hide and seek during the early summer days. Now is some kind of a summer revenge, the return of the ---ai ? :-) The temperature today is like a grouching tiger....and tomorrow and the next days will be even like a fiercing dragon ;-0

Our view during warm sunny day.

Now, I am beginning to be one in the row standing right in an icecream parlor to cool down...My taste palate is now counting different yummy ice cream flavors. Oh! This is really summer! I should grab the cone of opportunity to get my intestine spoiled by this frozen delights. I won't dare to eat icecreams during bloodyfrozzywinter. Would you?

Shoreline at Hoek van Holland took during first sunny week.

When it is warm, it also makes somebody's lifestyle a bit slow. This might not apply to everyone but surely to me (this my blog :-) Right! I move slow...I bike slow...I walk slow...I think slow...sleeps and woke up slow...and eventually blog slow :-) I'm not quite sure why I eat slow but for sure the rest is due to the summer heat. Why? Obviously because, when our body moves fast, the faster our fats/calories burned that turns out energy which gives us heat. :-) Naks! It's mechanical! mind now works!

Anyways, I just had busy weeks and had my birthday to add. Another year added. I think it's time to make my own calendar...Well, I was lucky to have a very nice warm day on my bday. Roses and orchids were my guests :-)(they are still perfect now). My dear treated me to a fine Italian restaurant, Pasta Company. Actually, we're not able to savor our a-la carte dinner since we need to rush to the cinema. I should blame how 'slow' was the serving in the restaurant. Are they also affected by summer blow?

Forget the dinner...but I should say that the movie we watched was really hilarious. It's a serious :-) animated film, Ratatouille.

Look at Remy, the rat. What a terrible life!

A story of a rat, who desired to become a chef against all odds. It's really worth a large of popcorn to sit along with it. Not mentioning it's superb state of the art graphics and visual techniques, the storyline was incredibly ground and heartbreaking. I'm not paid here to recommend it...but it's something to break the talking about Toy Story and Nemo.

Looking back my last year's birthday, we were also present in the cinema. We watched a romantic film of Sandra Bullock before my big day, The Lake House. It's just somewhat a reversion...but it was also a great movie.
Is he alone? I'm just right at his back :-)

Last month till date, I managed to watched at least four movies...We watched Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End; Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix; Les Choses de la Vie (The Things of Life), a classic film of Romy Schneider; and recently Ratatouille.'s really high time for a theatre abbonnement(subscription).

More of Hoek van Holland. The beach is not yet packed sinced it was not forecasted how beautiful the weather was.

Another thing, that makes your steps shorter now especially when you are walking down the city shopping the big SALE. It's summer sale! People and also me can not help not to stretch my neck from right to left, musing what is hot...I won't sensationalized this thing, but it's also something of a summer treat. I have an old post about sales. Just check this tag:
Sales: Consumerism or Consumers' Paronia?.

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Funny people. This was what I saw right at the door when I went out after a church service dated early June.

I think this is enough for now. This' is just a refreshing post of the last year's.
Well, I'm just actually browsing and googling today, looking for a nice restaurant where I can have a special dinner with my father-in-law. Yes, I will call for a reservation for a table of two. I found one...and seemed a great place. A nice change...I think this would be a nice bonding time with my husband's father. Hi dad :-) See you in the court of Prince Orange...

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