Monday, April 23, 2007

My one year of blogging...

I am going to be 1-yr old in web-blogging on the 30th of April. Within one year, I got the time to publish this 37th article. Not very much but quite something for me that I had the chance documenting my first year here in the Netherlands. Not all things and feelings I had were shared here. Some was personally censored :-) and decided to keep them and maintain my privacy. Nevertheless, my time spent in blogging is awesome. I met people here and in some ways became an inspiration to others.

Just a fasttrack; my first entry here was about Konninginnedag or the Queen's Day in the Netherlands. I wrote about this national holiday which is also tag as an orange day of this flat country, where many people are cammouflaged by orange colors. I actually plan to write again about this upcoming event on the 30th of this month as my anniversary theme. However, I will be on vacation on wednesday and leaving away from Holland for 10 days. Means, that I can't celebrate Queens day with the Oranjes but with the Grecos instead. :-)

I took the above photo of yellow Daffodils in our window.

The basket of mixed flowers on the right, were Valentines gift to us.

I am listing all my entries here as sort of reminiscing the past. Just have time clicking the following tags :-)

  1. /2006/04/30/"De Konninginnedag" (Queen's Day 2006)
  2. /2006/05/01/My French Kiss
  3. /2006/07/19/Life in Holland Seven Months Ago
  4. /2006/07/21/Heatwave Strikes
  5. /2006/07/28/Spot the Difference
  6. /2006/08/03/The Day Before My Birthday
  7. /2006/08/05/My B-day
  8. /2006/08/11/Richting Breda: (Direction: Breda)
  9. /2006/08/21/Subject: How Engineers Describe Women
  10. /2006/08/27/Sailing in De Kaag
  11. /2006/09/02/De Scholen Zijn Weer Begonnen (Schools Start Again)
  12. /2006/09/11/Lage Vuursche: Revisited
  13. /2006/09/27/Prinsjes (princes) Moments
  14. /2006/10/16/September Sunshine
  15. /2006/10/17/Runaway toLuxembourg
  16. /2006/11/19/Why I am Silent?
  17. /2006/12/15/Bye Sinterklaas, Hello Santa Claus
  18. /2007/01/18/Christmas 2006, New Year 2007: A Retrospect
  19. /2007/01/31/Sales! Consumerism ? Or Consumer's Paronia?
  20. /2007/02/10/White Winter At Last
  21. /2007/03/21/Ik Heb Geen Tijd Meer! ( I Have no More time!) to BLOG

These are the contents of my first blogging year. I hope to share more especially to my family and friends in which this web blog is intended. To those who just happened to drop are welcome and be a witness of my life's journey :-) Good day.


thess said...

Hoi Maria! een beetje laat maar ik wens je nog heel veel (met plezier) jaren met bloggen!

mas marami ka nga na entries keysa sa first year ko (^-^)


pinay said...

hi maria, are you still blogging?
would like to link up with you. am searching pinay bloggers in diaspora.

pinay von alemanya

Maria said...

Hi Pinay and Thess,

Thanks for the messages.
You are free to link me on your page ms. pinay. i'm still blogging once in a while:-)
Just keep in touch here...
Have a good time always.